About Writing Skills

The initial stage in essay writing is to select a good topic and decide on the stance you are going to take. Your stance may be to try and convince your readers that your viewpoint is valid and get them to share your opinion and agree with you. On the other hand, you may want to describe a process or you may want to share your knowledge on a particular subject with your readership by providing as much information as possible on it. Or, you might want to adopt a different approach altogether if, for instance, you need to write speeches.

A key factor about writing skills is that all essays should be comprised of:

  1. An introduction
  2. A topic outline
  3. A thesis statement
  4. A number of body paragraphs, usually in the region of 3 to 6
  5. A conclusion paragraph.

Creating an outline is a crucial aspect about writing skills

Something you will definitely need to learn about writing skills is how to develop an outline. Start by listing your topic. Then jot down between three and six key thoughts or ideas about the subject, which you can list with letters or numbers. Expand these ideas a little to give substance to your key thoughts. You can then develop your custom essay's paragraphs around this outline. An example outline could look like this:

Your key topic idea:

1. Your main thought on the topic
A. Supporting information
B. Evidence to support your theories.

2. State a fact about your topic
A. List specific information to support your assertion
B. Provide expert evidence to support your information.

3. State another fact about your topic.
A. List further statistical or specific information about this fact.
B. Discuss your idea in more detail.

Creating an introduction and thesis

Another important thing you should learn about writing skills is that the first paragraph should be an introduction to your subject with a thesis statement. This opening paragraph should give focus to your custom paper and be interesting enough to grab and retain the attention of the reader and this also applies when you need to write speeches.

Begin your essays or intro speeches with a few explanatory sentences about your topic and round it off with a strong thesis statement. Every sentence should be quite specific, culminating in the thesis.

Good intro speeches or a thesis informs the reader about your content and what points will be addressed. They should specify the subject matter and set out the stance you will be taking.

Creating the body part of your essay

The main body of your essay should describe and support the topic. All the key points from your outline should each form a paragraph in your paper. Hence, if you listed four ideas, your paper should have four corresponding main paragraphs.

Build each paragraph sentence by sentence around its particular key idea from your outline.

Your conclusion paragraph

Your conclusive paragraph should be strong and bring closure on your topic. It should summarize your main points and offer your final opinion.

A good conclusion paragraph should be comprised of around three to four strongly-constructed sentences. Here you should provide a coherent review of the key ideas without restating them word for word, and remember to reiterate your point of view to the reader.

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