Supplementary Paper Writing Services for Extra Payment

Progressive Delivery

The service of progressive delivery of long and complicated academic papers enables you to keep track of the writing process and receive the paper in parts. Therefore, if you order a 10-page single-spaced or a 20-page double-spaced paper, you are not surprised with the final version you receive according to the deadline.

Perks of Ordering the Service:

  1. You will be involved in the writing process from its beginning to the very end. You will receive drafts throughout the writing process and will be able to provide the writer with feedbacks or remarks regarding the paragraph organization or ideas layout.
  2. You will be granted 30 days after the deadline expiry to be able to send free revision requests.
  3. One of the best-rated writers will be chosen to work on your paper. After the paper completion, it will be proofread by our best editors.
  4. You will closely cooperate with a personal manager who will keep a close eye on the writing process and will help you communicate and exchange with the required information with your writer.

Drafts Delivery:

  1. You get one draft if you provide only 0-4 days for paper writing. As such, the draft is sent after 50% of the deadline is over and it comprises 25% of the ordered paper content.
  2. You get two drafts (of 25% and 50% of the total text respectively) if you indicate the paper urgency of 5-11 days. The first draft is forwarded to you after 25% of the deadline is over and the second one – when 50% of the deadline passes.
  3. You get three drafts (of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the required paper length) when you give 12 day and more for the order completion. The first draft is sent to you after 25% of the deadline termination, the second one – after 50%, and the third one – after 75% of the deadline has passed.

The service costs additional 15% of the total order price.

*In case you wish to make some changes in the progressive delivery process, you can agree on the most convenient terms with your personal manager.

Additional services for Short Orders (under 20 Pages)


Summary writing belongs to extra-paid services and enables our clients to receive a brief one-page summation of the main paper ideas, topics or points under discussion. It is especially useful for those who need to report on the writing topic.


When you order this service, you will get either a 300-word or a 600-word draft depending on whether you have paid for a double-spaced or single-spaced order. After 50% of the deadline is over, you will be forwarded the draft of the paper.

Extended Revision

With this service, the company prolongs a free revision option from 2 days to 14 days (the whole two weeks) after the paper deadline end.

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