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If you are new to writing APA papers you may find the various rules and regulations rather complicated to begin with. Here, we endeavour to provide you with some guidance on writing a paper in APA style formatting although your tutor may have some specific requirements in relation to formatting.

General conventions, as used in most APA examples, for creating APA papers

Begin your APA style formatting by applying some basic rules. Write your assignment on standard A4 paper with a one inch margin on all four sides.

Type your essay in Times New Roman 12pt font, or similar, in double spacing.

Each page of your custom paper has a header in the top left hand side with page numbering on the top right hand side.

Structuring your APA Paper

There may be some variations in how your paper is structured and the exact organization may depend on the type of assignment required of you. As you will see from different APA examples, a laboratory report, for instance, will be laid out differently from, say, a critique essay.

Regardless of the type of paper, it should be divided into four distinct parts, which are a title or cover page, an essay abstract, the main body paragraphs and an APA work cited reference or APA style format bibliography section.

Creating the title or cover page. This page should have a running header, your name and the name of your college.

Creating your paper's abstract

This portion should offer a brief summary of your paper's content. As you will notice in good APA examples, this section immediately follows the title or cover page and should not be somewhere between 150 - 250 words in length although your tutor may specify otherwise. Always check the exact instructions for your custom paper with your tutor.

Creating the body paragraphs of your paper

This portion of your paper can also vary depending on its nature. If, for instance, you are writing a laboratory report the body should start with an introduction, followed by a methodology section. After that, you should provide a section showing your results and one for discussing the topic. Again, check with your tutor for exact instructions.

Creating your reference or APA style format bibliography

It is here you should list any APA work cited references used in your paper. So, don't forget to include any citations you drew on while writing your paper should be included here. You will notice from APA examples that you should start this section on a fresh page and place the title "References" in the top center of the page.

Last piece of advice for completing an APA assignment

Although the task of producing an APA assignment may appear complex at first, it can be made easier if you divide it into manageable chunks. Start with your research activities and then write your paper, maintaining an accurate reference list as you go. Another piece of advice you will find in APA examples is to create the abstract section once you have written the paper. Then, compile your references with an APA maker and create your cover page. On completing these stages, review your work and edit it as a means of ensuring the format is correct.

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