A Great Essay for Different A-Level Subjects

There are a lot of different articles which give too general advice on how to write a great essay. In fact, there are too many of them and knowledge gathered there can’t really get you far. In this article, we have made an attempt to be more specific by letting you know how to write great essays on exact A-level subjects, namely English, French, Geography, Science, and Psychology. Let’s now take a look at what skills each of these A-level subjects requires.

  • English. A decent essay on English literature is an intelligent interpretation of the investigated piece of work which is well structured and flows smoothly. And these are actually the two problems which students are weak at solving – their essays are poorly structured and the flow isn’t that smooth. To solve two of these problems you should be very focused on the structure of your essay, and devote one paragraph per one idea. All paragraphs should be interconnected and they should never fail to reinforce the thesis statement made in the introductory paragraph. Don’t forget about to fill each paragraph with enough of evidence to prove your arguments.
  • The main goal of the French essay is to showcase your excellent language skills. When writing a French essay you should be focused on the form rather than on the content itself. It’s not that you shouldn’t care about the meaning of what you writing at all, it’s just that you need to pay more attention at how you’re writing. Stylistic devices, different tenses, rich vocabulary, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling – try to show the beauty of the French language to the best of your ability. Use RealFrench.net to learn new phrases and improve the quality of your essay.
  • Geography. Geography essays may be very different depending on their focus and the evidence that you may choose to include. In order to write a great essay in geography you need to include both theory and practice in the form of actual case studies. Your tutor will assess not just your knowledge, but also how well you can prove the point of view which you’re presenting in the essay. You shouldn’t use all the facts from the case study, but rather the ones which really match your main arguments. In geography essay it is important to show the issue from different angles and explain how they are interrelated. Organize content in categories and consider such factors as environment, timeframe and scale of the issue. Shed light on economic, political, social and physical implications of the issue that you’re investigating.
  • Science subjects. Physics, Math, Biology and Chemistry are the subjects which have specific guidelines that you should keep in mind:
  1. forget about your opinion and use only scientific data
  2. don’t use vague language and be as precise as possible
  3. prove every statement with reliable data
  4. never confuse cause and effect
  5. mention possible limitations in the methodology that you are using
  • Psychology. The best approach to write essays on psychology is to analyze data from various sources, studies, experiments, and research.

Now you know how to write fantastic essays on A-level subjects.

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