Essay Writing: Essential Editing Tips

Essay Writing: Essential Editing Tips

Every time students compose an essay, they improve their writing skills as the experience of writing provides them with such possibility. However, it is not the best way of boosting your essay-writing abilities. Once the paper is ready, it is essential to proofread it and make appropriate editing, as there are for sure parts that require revision. Therefore, basing on the way you are able to double-check your essay, your writing skills can also benefit from editing. Here are a few tips how to turn your checking process into a rewarding experience.

Learning the Editing Tips

Stabilizing The Structure

As soon as you have finished your writing process, there is no need to start editing straightaway. It is significant to have a break to make your mind refresh and only after that start editing. First of all, pay attention to the structure. Check the main arguments and their supporting statements whether they are organized well and end up with an appropriate conclusion. Make sure your main points are subsequent and think well if it necessary to change the order according to the relevance of the arguments.

Cutting Long Parts

Editing your own writing is not an easy task. However, once you have dealt with the structure, it is about time to go deeper into your paper. Readers find it difficult to perceive long sentences with too many thoughts. The same situation is with the paragraphs. Make sure all your ideas are divided into several sentences. Try to avoid writing huge chunks of information without proper visual separation. Try to be brief but at the same time informative.

Choosing Language

Of course, if you are trying to use sophisticated language, you will make your essay look more intelligible, but this is only in case when you know what you use. Thesaurus terms may be difficult to perceive for your audience, that is why think twice before you insert another complicated word without any explanation. The clearer your language is, the more absorbed the reader will be.

Avoiding Repetitions

No one likes tautology especially when it concerns ideas. The last thing you want your essay to suffer from is the repetition of the points. Readers will be more than unsatisfied to read the same thoughts, which they have just acquainted with in the paragraph above. The same concerns the repeating words. English is a rich language, and the number of synonyms is really huge here. So, if you cannot dispense without a certain word, look it up in the synonymic dictionary to find an appropriate substitution.

Checking Everything Manually

In the modern world full of automation, spellcheckers are a common thing. As you must have seen, all the previous editing tips required your own attention and manual caring. Even if you have used the services of online editors, be sure you have double-checked the essay again. The computer proofreading is far from being ideas, so you should not let your grade depend on an unreliable service.

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