Exam Mistakes That Cost You Marks

We all know that negative emotions, nervousness, nausea are the symptoms widely spread among students during exams. Moreover, such uncomfortable state of being under pressure of exam often leads students to choose wrong answers through lack of attention, hence, losing grades. Read our tips on how to avoid mistakes and not let stress influence your marks as it is something that really matters during the studying years.

Avoid careless reading of the task.In order to pass your exam with flying colors, it is necessary to read each question attentively, without haste and make sure you understand what is asked to do. It is a huge mistake to quickly look through a task and immediately give an answer because you've seen a familiar word in the description. Highlight the keywords if necessary, simply not to fall into a trap of tricky questions.

Does your answer correspond with a question? Another big misunderstanding, which counts to the list of exam mistakes, is giving an answer that relates to the question only partially or doesn't relate at all. Be precise and strictly stick to the topic of your task.

Forgetting to write an outline for your answer also leads to the loss of grades, you could have got if followed the structure of your essay. It is too easy to get distracted, miss some crucial points you've wanted to include in your exam paper in case you didn't write a plan for your essay in advance. Let your outline lead you while writing. It's a great way to have your essay structured and consistent.

Never leave easy questions in the end as it's likely you simply won't have enough time to finish them and will lose a number of points you could have received for your exam without efforts. Start from the easiest to warm up before answering more tough tasks as well as give as many correct answers as possible.

Unequal division of time between tasks must be the reason why students fail their exams or aren't satisfied with their results as they didn't have enough time to answer the questions on which they for sure knew the answers. Unfair but reality! For this reason, timing has to be the first thing you do before the day of an exam even comes. Look through the previous years exams, ask your instructor how many questions there will be included, specifying the number of choosing the answer questions and those you will have to answer on your own. In such a way you will have a clue of how much time you can spend on each task and successfully complete everything in time.

Never skip multiple choice questions even if you don't know the answer as there is a high possibility to guess and add to your final grade plus one or even two points (depends on the marks division of an exam).

Despite the fact, it is quite difficult to stay calm during the exam, try to do your best to get rid of the pressure and concentrate only on your exam paper. There is nothing to be scared of as you have with you all the knowledge you've acquired during a semester. Good luck!

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