Which Skills Can You Acquire with the Help of Extra-Curriculum Activities?

Not everyone can boast about an outstanding CV for university or job application, especially, if you are a newbie and don't have much experience or required set of skills. However, there is always a possibility to change the situation and improve your applications with the help of, at the first sight, ridiculous, nevertheless, rewarding extra-curricular activities.

Consider fundraising or doing some voluntary job. To alter your poor CV for job application into a useful source of information about your personality, get involved in some volunteering or fundraising programs. Devoting your time to such altruistic missions as raising sponsorship, arranging charity weekends or, for example, helping at nursing homes will speak volumes about your willingness to contribute to society, hence, university, future job or any other community. Why not combine pleasure with benefit and not consider helping others as the opportunity to improve your applications?

Boost your IT skills. Nowadays, almost every aspect of life, including studying and job prospects, requires some basic knowledge in computer literacy. That's why the section of digital competence has become the obligatory one when completing CV or application forms. While the majority of us already possess such skills as information processing, communication, and content creation, it would be a great advantage to develop coding and web design skills, too. Don't miss a chance to attend IT after-school classes or use some free online platforms aimed at helping you to master computer literacy and include plus one useful skill to your impressive arsenal of personal traits.

Go into sports. There is no better extra-curriculum activity like sport. Going into sports is useful in many different ways. Doing sports activities not only contributes your CV for university or job application but maintains your health. Apart from shaping such positive habits as healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food and being active, it also develops crucial for your career and education skills as teamwork, time management, self-discipline, commitment, leadership and many others. Follow your sports passion, shape your character and insert in your CV some additional skills you've obtained pursuing the healthy lifestyle.

Develop creative skills with the help of art. Just like doing sports, dedicating your spare time to music in all its manifestations is considered to be a very favorable activity, which develops both creative and analytical thinking and determines a person's level of persistence and devotion to what he or she is doing. Moreover, such features of character are highly appreciated by colleagues, group mates, professors and family members.

Depending on the type of person you are, consider one of the suggested ways to improve your CV for university or job application with the set of skills necessary to impress an interviewer or admission officer. Look over your hobbies and interests. Maybe, among the extra-curriculum activities you already do, there are those that can contribute your applications.

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