Good Speech Topics

Good Speech Topics

People need speech writing in various situations in life, depending on their qualification and professional activity. For example, speeches are required from students for presentations, scientists for conferences, deputies in the parliament for meetings and discussions. So, in such cases people face with a problem like “How to write good speeches?” Not everyone has good writing skills, so they really need help on good speech topics.

How to Write a Good Speech?

Writing a good speech is not an easy task, as for any writing much of professionalism, grammar and writing skills are required. Nevertheless, in order to write speeches by yourself, you should follow some advice:

1. Choose the best one out of the good speech topics. Selecting a topic for a speech is an essential issue, which is the key to success. Be sure to pick a unique topic, which should be of great importance nowadays. The topic should be related to a subject of the speech.

2. Collect the data related. You can gather information from public and corporative sources, maybe even from the web. It is very important for this information to be reliable and new – it will help the audience, which will listen to your speech, to understand the topic better.

3. Analyze your information and make some notes and quotes, which can be used in a speech.

4. Start writing a speech. At the moment of presentation, feel free to answer any questions, which you may be asked by the audience. During your presentation, you should be ready to convince the audience in your point of view and clarify all the issues.

Why It Is Better to Order a Speech?

You can just order a persuasive speech on any topic from a custom writing company. It is one of the best solutions, especially if you do not have time for writing a speech by yourself. Writing service will provide you with good speech topics, so you can choose from them the one that suits your subject well. The company may also provide you with the samples of speech, so that you can evaluate the professionalism of the team of writers and make the most informative decision concerning writing services.


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Great Persuasive Speech Topics

Is there any way to tell great persuasive speech topics from the mediocre ones? There certainly is. A good topic for a persuasive speech will have one or several of the following features:

It is related to the sphere of your professional interest. It is impossible to write a speech on a topic that you find dull or meaningless, so always focus on the most engaging and curious themes. If you are passionate about the subject of your speech, the audience will feel it, and your message will be perceived successfully. Moreover, the persuasion will be successful too, as your sincere interest will be contagious to the audience.

It is an important matter. A great topic always addresses some social issues or talks about something that people care. Thus, it is always a great idea to focus on something that will appeal to the people’s sense of concern. This way, they will feel connected to what you discuss, which increases their participation, involvement, and the chance of being persuaded.

It is fresh. We are often obliged to speak about something that is widely popular and had been discussed many times already. However, it is hard to avoid clichés and repetitions while speaking about such matters. Therefore, your task is to formulate a topic from a new perspective, so that it would sound fresh and innovative. You may use some language tools to achieve this effect, and sometimes even causing shock or preoccupation can help to grab the audience’s full attention.

It implies a certain position. Persuading someone requires having a particular opinion about the discussed issue, so ambiguous attitudes do not work here. Make sure to choose a topic that defends a certain viewpoint, and build the whole speech to support this opinion.

Below we have prepared a list of great topics in different spheres for you to choose from.


  1. Is corporal punishment effective for certain types of situations at school?
  2. Separation of boys from girls facilitates a more effective teaching process.
  3. Music during studying helps to learn the material.
  4. Learning foreign languages in kindergarten should be nationwide.
  5. The right of illegal immigrants to educate their children in public schools of USA.
  6. Bullying has a positive effect too.


  1. Equal taxes for everyone are not justifiable.
  2. Voting should be obligatory, as every citizen forms the country.
  3. Political education is necessary for adequate voting.
  4. The Internet content should be regulated on governmental level.
  5. Military budget and taxes: why do people pay for war?
  6. The purpose of physical border: will it solve the problem with immigrants?


  1. Underage birth control should be regulated by the government.
  2. The government should introduce a nationwide sugar-free campaign.
  3. Blood donation should be obligatory.
  4. Why it is necessary to educate schoolchildren about sexually transmitted diseases.


  1. It is time to obligate all religious organizations to pay taxes.
  2. The studying process should be altered in accordance with the religious preferences of the community.
  3. Patriarch rules in church: are women about to enter the male-only zone?

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