How to Give a Good Speech

How to Give a Good Speech

Knowledge and skills on how to deliver a good speech are invaluable assets for any person in different professions. There is every chance that you will be asked to make a speech regardless of whether you are a college or a university student, a bank accountant, a teacher, a company’s manager, or a CEO. Even if you have had experience working in volunteer groups, you must have probably noticed that from time to time participants must give speeches. Thus, all these examples prove that knowing how to give a great speech is a must for every person.

Tips for Giving a Great Speech

1. Practice speaking with a microphone

The top thing on the list that can completely ruin even the best structured presentation is the bad microphone technique. Some people who are going to speak for the first time with a microphone are simply afraid of it and are looking at this thing in their hands as if they are holding a snake or a cockroach. Therefore, if you know that you will have to soon deliver some important presentation. Make sure that you practice speaking with a microphone.

2. Be brief whenever possible

If you are giving a speech at some informal gathering, corporate party or a wedding, people will be really grateful if you could convey your message in the briefest way possible. At such gatherings remember that people have come there not to listen to your long flowery speech but to communicate with each other and eat something tasty. Do not make your audience struggle in case your speech is not as interesting as they have expected.

3. Consider the tastes and preferences of your target audience

If you are assigned to deliver a speech in class, try to consider at least a bit which topic will be interesting to hear for your audience. Choosing a topic that is interesting only to you is not the best option. Even if you speak with the utmost enthusiasm, you will still be distracted and disappointed with the boredom you see on your audience’s faces.

4. Speak slowly enough and distinctly

Many people just do not realize how quickly they speak. Sometimes it takes one complete concentration to get their message. When it comes to public speaking, remember that your target audience should be more or less relaxed when you speak about something. Therefore, adjust your speed of speaking so they do not have to be tense and sit up straight trying to understand each phrase you are saying and memorize some information that they have heard. When speaking about something important, you can even repeat some specific information once more or put logical accents while speaking.

5. Introduce some jokes

Telling a couple of jokes (but not too many) may make your audience more cheerful and relaxed. Still, do not get overexcited with this technique. Tell only anecdotes that are appropriate for a certain audience. Actually, you will see from the situation when the right time for the joke is.

6. Maintain eye contact with the audience

If you do not keep eye contact with your listeners, you will seem isolated from them. Such impression is definitely not the best one you wanted to get. Try to observe your listeners, their mimics, emotions. It will help you a lot in speaking.

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