Ways to Write Better Essays

Each written assignment a student receives to work on during the academic year shouldn't be regarded as a challenge to overcome, but an opportunity to self-express and improve your writing skills. Our guide on how to write better essays is aimed at providing you with some new techniques and approaches with the help of which each your essay will always be unique and impressive, will excel with consistency and coherence and will prove your ability to craft convincing arguments.

Consider other people's styles. While mastering your writing essays skills, never limit yourself to investigating a specific topic of a certain discipline or academic level. Make sure you are critical enough to notice both positive and negative aspects of an essay regardless the factyou enjoy or blame a writer's style. Focus on the used writing techniques, the logical division of the parts, language and etc. Such a habit to critically analyze someone's paper will help you treat your own essay more objectively.

Work on building a solid word base. Despite the necessity to stick to the language patterns, which are appropriate for a particular piece of writing, you should never stop enriching your word base with new phrases and collocations, turning the usage of passive vocabulary into active, discovering unfamiliar connotations of words and inserting them into your essay. It doesn't mean that your paper has to be overloaded with advanced vocabulary only. However, the accurate usage of sophisticated terms will serve as another striking demonstration of your intelligence. Moreover, with the help of new words your style to write and manner to express will acquire a completely different fresh look. Another advantage of developing a solid word base implies the effective statement of arguments as well as an ability to avoid tautology. Hence, you will never sound too humdrum, or too primitive, or too trite.

Share with your reader thoughts and ideas of other scholars, philosophers, writers and etc. It is very good that you have what to say concerning a certain topic and strive for creating an authentic essay. However, it is strongly recommended to refer to sources, which support or disapprove certain idea, to use quotes as a mean of persuasion or disagreement. It would be great to get to know your views, objections, some alternative suggestions as in such a way you show your awareness and the level of knowledge you possess.

Check on grammar. While proofreading is an integral stage of the writing process as a whole, it also defines your level of literacy and conveys your ability to build comprehensive logically correct sentence structures. If a reader has to read your essay more than once or can't take in the main idea of what is written, it doesn't necessarily mean that a person isn't smart enough. Maybe, you should be more clear and consistent, pay attention to punctuation and stick to the right tone of voice.

Our tips for writing better essays are nothing else but a list of useful techniques, applying of which lead to impressive results in improving your writing skills. Try to get convinced!

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