Ready for College: What Is Next?

According to different statistics, many students consider that the most complicated part of the college life is not to go to this institution but to graduate from it. This test comprises a few questions and possible answers to these test questions:

Ready to put everything Ready to put everything at stake in order to gain the key prize?
Eager to know Eager to know find out how to do this?
Complete the test Complete the test prepared by our experts.

How many years have you been pondering on going to college of your dream?

Will you have any troubles with homesickness?

How organized and efficient are you?

What does it mean to you to stay on task?

Have you settled on your specialism?

How many hours a day do you usually study?

Do you procrastinate a lot?

Are you sure how to do laundry?

How self-confident are you?

Are excellent at making friends with new people?

Did you cut classes in high school?

What are going to do after the college graduation?

Your score:

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