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Academic essay writing is a very popular task that is assigned to every student during the period of his/her studies. This task provides students with exceptional experience that cannot be assessed only with regard to writing. When students express their essay ideas, they have a chance to open their own world and speak their own point of view on the issue. Besides, academic writing develops students' skills of critical thinking and analytical mind. Additionally, an essay teaches students how to speak their position in persuasive and interesting to the reader way. It polishes verbal academic and artistic skills; it improves the skills of writing and develops fluency of expressions. Moreover, custom essay writing helps students to become effective time-managers and planners.

However, at the same time, not every student is capable of writing the good essay research paper. Therefore, students try to invent alternative solutions to deal with their complicated academic writing tasks. No wonder that the easiest and the best solution is often the purchase of the paper from online writing services. is one of the online writing companies that were created with an aim to help students.

How to write the best essay that will impress your tutor with the clarity, consistency of expression and the proper formatting? Reflective essay ideas may come out of the blue. In fact, choosing the good essay topic is a complicated task that requires a lot of knowledge and familiarity with the assigned topic. However, every challenge has a solution! Choosing the topic of your paper is only the small part of the entire writing work.

Admittedly, reflective tasks are used to assess student's ability to compare the experiences and combine all the learnt material. It is all about looking back and expressing your present attitude towards things that have already happened. That is why we suggest choosing the interesting and challenging topic.

Of course, when you look back and analyze the events, you need to make sure that the negative events have chances to be improved on future. So, you in your reflective writing should offer the ways to cope with the troubles or solutions to the problems. Still, when you write a reflective paper, you need to remember the formal structure of any academic essay. The essay should start with the sound and attention grabbing an essay introduction. The next part is the body that consists of few paragraphs. Each paragraph should bring the new idea or provide the additional argument in support of your thesis.

Here, you can find some tips on composing a good essay topic!

  • an event of moment that has affected the writer! This event could be associated with the difficulty of determining point in life. For instance, this event could be the death of the close relative or academic failure.
  • coping with obstacles and overcoming them is also a good idea for reflective writing. There, you need to offer alternative solutions.
  • career decisions. Students are very often assigned to write about their career choice. Don't be afraid! Just analyze your own choice. Why did you enter a college? What was your motivation? How do you plan to reach your goals?
  • unique experiences. Usually, some exclusive experiences are interesting to the reader. For instance, it might be your first day at school, or your round-the-world trip without parents.

Remember, that the aim of any reflective paper is self-improvement! Try to write your reflective paper as analysis paper, that gives the clear analysis of your own life.

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