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Writing any type of an essay is an art that takes time to perfect it. I say this having regarded the many types of essays that students are expected to write at colleges and universities. Not all times will you find yourself in a position to write one. You could be good at writing descriptive essays for instance but very poor at other types of essays. It is very unlikely to find a student who can handle all types of essay papers especially those that require students to research first before embarking on the writing process. An essays research paper will require you to research on a certain topic before writing the paper. This means that for you to write a good research paper, you will have to be a good researcher as well as a good essay writer. A descriptive essay, on the other hand, will require one to first acquaint himself with the process which is the subject of the description. Once you fully understand what you want to describe, find the best way possible of describing the process to the reader. This is where skills come in.

If you describe the process to the reader like he or she already understands what you are describing then you miss the points. A descriptive essay ought to be vivid to the reader. The flow of the processes in the order in which they follow each other ought to reflect in your essay too. This is not an easy task especially for new writers. This does not mean that your life in college must be hard just on account of having to write demanding assignments.

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