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Al-Qaeda Terrorism essay

Al-Qaeda is an international terrorist organization of Islamic fundamentalists, which carries out fighting operations worldwide. The striking power of "Al-Qaeda" is presented by veterans of the war in Afghanistan. The main purpose set for the ...

American Constitutional System essay

Current American constitutional system is far from perfect. It is recognized as one of the best ones in the world, and is often referred to as the most democratic one, working for the sake of the American nation. The question is whether the idea is ...

Constitutional Checks and Balances essay

The Constitution of the United States is the primary source of law in the country. It was passed on September 17, 1787 by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, followed by the ratification after respective conventions by 11 states. The U.S. ...

Democratic Party essay

Democratic Party held its annual national convention 2012 in Charlotte, NC, on September 4th-6th. Each state was presented with a certain number of delegates, totaling about 6000 in general. The convention gathered a lot of famous speakers, ...

Reagan Revolution essay

The period from the beginning of Reagan's Presidency up to today covers more than a quarter of a century. However the following events are the turning points of this period: the end of the Cold War and the end of Reagan's Presidency, the latest ...

The Role of the Citizen essay

How Much Influence Do the People of the United States Have On Their Government and Its Actions? America has more than 300 million citizens. Without them, direct democracy in this country would not continue to flourish. The greatest power remains in ...

Unstable Situation essay

One of the main functions of every government and society as a whole is to take care of its individuals and provide them with all the necessary facilities and conditions. Social environment is also one of the essential aspects that our government ...

Watergate Conspiracy essay

Watergate scandal shook America and the whole world, as well. The phrase "Watergate Business" is still a synonym of power abuse at the highest level (Reeves, 2001). This crime did not remain unpunished. For Richard Nixon, the United States ...

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