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Democratic Party

Democratic Party held its annual national convention 2012 in Charlotte, NC, on September 4th-6th. Each state was presented with a certain number of delegates, totaling about 6000 in general. The convention gathered a lot of famous speakers, including the current and former members of Congress, US senators, members of US government, some Lieutenant Governors, mayors of some of America's biggest cities, actors, governors etc. The Convention was planned and executed by the Democratic National Convention Committee. The agenda of the convention was very intense and included lots of speeches and nomination of the candidate for the next presidential election race.

All the convention was help open to the public. The opening and the final days were held on the Bank of America Stadium, with general public allowed to visit and cheer. All the speakers were talking about various issues, but the end goal of the entire event was the nomination of Barack Obama as a candidate for the future Presidential Elections. Despite everybody was aware of the fact that the current US President will be nominated once again, public discussions were followed by the voting of the delegates for the candidates to be approved. Former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter both gave supportive speeches for Barack Obama. The last day of convention was spent entirely for preparing the public to announcing of the final decision of the committee. Barack Obama was announced an official candidate in the presidential election run of 2012. Participants of the convention, as well as many people throughout the USA hope that their candidate will not let them down and succeed in the elections, and will serve a second consecutive presidential term.

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