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Child Abuse essay

The problem of child abuse has been extensively studied in recent years. Despite the fact that all international organizations pay a special attention and implement special programs to protect children from abuses, the problem of child abuse is ...

Cultural Diversity and the Media essay

This paper outlines the major human burdens of representation focusing on the basic types and functions of stereotypes. It also explores reputable scientists' attitudes to various stereotypes and how the latter influence the consciousness of an ...

Deontological and Teleological Approaches of Developing Ethical Theories essay

The deontological ethical approach refers to the normative ethical position that utilizes the existing rules to judge the morality of a particular action. Notably, it recognizes and works in line with the established rules and regulations of the ...

Evidence-Based Software Engineering essay

The authors of the paper "Evidence-based Software Engineering for Practitioners" are Tore Dyba, Barbara A. Kitchenham, and Magne Jorgensen. Thesis Statement: Practitioners in industry can use evidence-based software engineering (EBSE) to assist ...

Global Warming essay

The theory of global warming is one of the most widespread subjects for discussion in the 21st century. Mass media, activists-ecologists, politicians, scientists - all continue to discuss this topic. Every day a new theory of an apocalypse appears ...

Survival of Mankind essay

Life, or more correctly survival, is simply a question of the robbery and rape of anything that is left. Almost everything makes a threat for people. They want to possess the world and at the same time hide from it. A global warming, earthquakes, ...

The Syntax of 'Give' essay

An Impact of Animacy on the Syntax of give in New Zealand and American English Abstract Bresnan (2007) conveys that an arithmetical representation is able to forecast United States (US) English orators' syntactic selections with 'give'-kind verbs ...

Vaccinations essay

The vaccination of children is one of the subjects which separate the world community. It is proved that the organism of a newborn is not ready to confront the infections. However, there are numerous fatal cases and invalidization of children, which ...

Vietnam War essay

When Nixon came to power, the issue of American troops' withdrawal was not a question, yet it was diplomatically challenging to leave Vietnam in a proper ideological way. Because it was important to give an opportunity to South Vietnam establish a ...

What Is America? essay

"What is America?" by Jesse Gordon and "The Americano Dream" by Angela M. Balcita Named a land of opportunity, the United States has been attractive for immigrants for centuries, and in fact they shaped the country as it is now. Both essays reveal ...

What is Existentialism? essay

The concept of existentialism is an organizing ethical principle, capable to reveal the positive sides of the existential approach in counseling. An active introduction of these existential values in the process of counseling can increase efficiency ...

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