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So far, people that live in the Phoenix, Arizona community face the next barriers and challenges in their life towards the health services and the situation with health in general. There are social and economic barriers that prevent people from addressing health services for a number of reasons like the absence of medical insurance or high costs of medical services.

Due to different nationalities, people experience some problems with understanding each other at the hospitals because of possible variations of communication implications and the information that is accepted by others. Possible challenges include a wide variety of options like the difference between accepting the social meaning and accustoming it to personal peculiarities. People with disabilities have to face the additional challenge of acceptance by other community members and have the same conditions that permit them to lead a normal life. Education level is also a widely spread challenge that people face in Phoenix, Arizona.

By way of conclusion, it is important to draw attention to the next facts that the general health state is on the high level. This proves the effectiveness of medical services, primary care results, home medication, and work of the local medical managers that monitor the general state of the community health in general.

There are also some problems like different nationalities and languages but they are not severely opposite for the high level of community consciousness and understanding. People should be more active and care about their health, start to force themselves to exercise and establish healthier food traditions. The medication and care at the hospitals are directed to fulfill all the requirements of the community in order to be helpful and reliable for the patients.

Sleep and Rest

Sleep standard hours include going to bed at 8 p.m. and getting up at 4 a.m. with a period of healthy sleep of full 8 hours. However, in the assessed community, this schedule is different. Most of the people go to bed after 11 p.m. and get up at 7 or 8 a.m. changing the most pleasant sleep hours to a different shift, younger people of the assessed community do not have full 8 hours of sleep as the greater part of them go to sleep after midnight and have to get up at 7 a.m.

The most significant indicators of restiveness are good spirits, feeling of energy and rest in the body and mind, willingness to work, which determine the most distinct energy levels. The low, normal, good, and high levels of energy make a base for the feeling of the person in general during the day and they are directly dependent on the level of nestedness of a person. The levels of energy in the community under investigation are predominantly good and normal.

Factors that affect sleep:

  1. Most of the employees of the community work day shift so that this indicator has a small level of influence upon the community level of rest.
  2. The environment influence 14-16% of the community that is predominantly elderly people and is under the bad influence of such factors like noise, closeness to the roads, stressful neighborhood, and others.
  3. Because the predominant part of the community consists of Latin Americans they have higher rates of caffeine consumption that influences the possibility to have a healthy sleep during the best hours.
  4. People in the community have a wide variety of different responsibilities, however, the percentage of those who manage their time schedule correctly and make time for healthy sleep is approximately 50 to 50%.
  5. There are several health issues that prevent people from having a good rest and sleep due to illness and pain caused. Such diseases like cancer and HIV are the most predominant ones in this category.

Cognitive and Perceptual

The primary language is English, however, 40, 8% of Phoenix consists of Hispanic people that have their own language. 29% of people in this region speak other (not English) languages at home (United States Census Bureau, 2013). The percentage of misunderstanding in the community due to language barriers varies from 5 to 10%.

The statistics of the place of the community under assessment is in direct correspondence with the national statistics for giving information that greater parts of people have the education of a High School graduate, more than 30%. At the same time, college and university students have only 10-17%of general number, while doctorate and Master's degree is opened for less than 3% each.

Phoenix, Arizona has a lot of opportunities for those who would like to continue their education further. They provide all the necessary support for those specialists who are going to stay in this city after graduation and put all the powers to make the life of the community easier and healthier.

Computer and library resources have rather a high ranking of usage and it is from 84 to 91 percent of people, others are very elderly people or young children that are not old enough to use computers.

Arizona, Phoenix's community offers several opportunities for scholarships and has their school founded to establish a healthy lifestyle for adolescents and to bring knowledge about health to their families.

Self-Perception and Self-Esteem

29% of the community are young people under 18 years old. The number of elderly people and middle-aged ones varies from 45 to 52 %.

The Phoenix, Arizona community has a tradition of community meetings that became very popular lately and help to discuss and find the necessary decisions in order to make their region better. Such gatherings influence the sense of unity and protection for the whole community.

The community of the city of Phoenix, Arizona has a long and interesting history. They are proud of their city and country. A greater part of them belongs to this place for centuries with the roots of old family members.

People are self-motivated and have strong ambitions that they thrive to achieve. The greater part of people in this community have set their goals for them and makes steps to realizing them.

They have several websites that help them to keep in touch with the life of the community and to get the necessary information about the situation with child care, family planning website, general community health, and first aid website for addicted people.

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