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New Belgium Brewing

Q1. Why the company struggled with the name "folly" in their advertising campaign.

Branding of a company is indeed an intricate process which should be approached cautiously. The New Belgium Brewers Company was established more than a decade ago. The founder, Jeff Lebesch, put a lot of effort together with his wife to transform the enterprise (Jackson, 1994). The brewing business started in a basement and moved from bike supplies to producing and selling more than five hundred thousand barrels (Robert & Fontaine, 1996). The company saw the need to do commercial advertisement in the media when it got to new markets precisely Californian market. Amalgamated, the media of their choice however came up with the tagline: "follow your folly.....ours is beer". The name follow elicited reactions as many had the feeling that the name down played the efforts and technology used to make the beers at the NBB company. Indeed the word means unwise or foolish actions. They felt that the word in the tagline would take the company down instead of cultivating its positive image. But I feel the word was directed to a second party and not the company. That is, others can follow whatever business (folly) but the business of NBB is beer. Seeing it this way makes other than follow whatever business (folly) but the folly of NBB is beer, makes the former a very superior tagline.

Q.2 How can the company retain its whimsy and fun branding despite moving out of Colorado?

The NBB Company in branding itself, entailed whimsy and fun (Jackson, 1995). It was influenced by the origin of the company. The life in Colorado cannot be compared with life with other places such as Kansas or California and New York. The advertisement accomplished an effect where the individuals living in all areas were able to relate to the advert. The company should ensure that their advertisements are brought to levels where every locality is incorporated in the advertisement. For instance, each locality could have a different advertisement, but the brand image maintained in all the advertisements.

Q 3.Does the NBB company face the risk of shifting its branding with time?

There are always troubles of companies growing into new markets and copying the bigger players in those markets or comparing themselves with them. This is normally a move that results into the loss of originality in branding and losing of touch with the people that started with the former brand. Judging from NBB's gradual growth, it is evident that they intend to stay in touch with their consumers and their whimsy and fun branding. This has ensured the performance of their line of products in new markets due to the new and fresh look they bring into the branding game. The company has been cautious enough to know that a shift into new branding would be suicidal.

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