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Trojan Company is a subsidiary of Church & Dwight Company, furthermore recognized as, Arm & Hammer. The firm is based in New Jersey, USA and recruited around 3,700 workers since December 2008. Church & Dwight Co. was established in 1846, and it is the top U.S. manufacturer of sodium bicarbonate, commonly identified as soda. Trojan variety condoms are America's primary condom and have been an acknowledged and trusted worldwide product for more than 90 years.

The firm documented earnings of $2,422.4 million throughout the financial year closing December 2008, a surge of 9.1% compared to FY2007. The firm's profit before interest and taxes recorded $340.3 million throughout FY2008, a surge of 11.6% compared to FY2007. Trojan reported net income of $195.2 million throughout FY2008, a remarkable surge of 15.5% compared to FY2007. Based on the 2009 firm's first financial quarter, Trojan reported sales boost of $11.2 million.

Trojan clearly leads the market amongst its two main competitors Durex and Lifestyles, with close to seventy percent of the market share. Durex user products' market share has maintained a 14.5% trend of condom sales from 2004-2008. Trojan persists in leading and yet augmenting its market portion from 70% to 74%. Nevertheless, Durex is the globe's top condom trademark in relation to sales, except they merely used up 11.17% of Trojan's 2009 expenditures: $12,386,100.

In the year 2008, Trojan realized a 70% total market sale across the worldwide prophylactic market; a step ahead of the nearest competitor Durex. The growing buyer responsiveness towards sex threats has increased the product's exploitation. The item is not difficult to get hold of and is reasonably priced weighed against additional kinds of contraception, like fertility control capsules, which ought to be attained from a physician and consume three months of unremitting usage to correctly function, and later ought to be consumed regularly, while the condom is exploited just when required. It is highly important to state that although Trojan dominates the US market, it does not quite and adequately recognize the actual needs of international markets; Durex, Trojan's main rival, although does not sell well in the U.S., is leading in other parts of the world. Trojans strategically markets and promotes its products through the usage of the health matters regarding AIDs and STDs to increase its market share. Since establishing itself as a brand defending against these threats, consumers are expected to purchase it more instead of resorting to buy from an unknown competitor (Maarten, 2009).

Allocation windows have been built to embrace a successful course of interaction with potential shoppers to highlight the gains and effective propagation of the product. They properly illustrate the product's way of usage and offer the item free of charge to clinics.

It is presently apt for Trojan to improve and alter some main aspects in its marketing endeavors in order to ascertain its prospective market share. The economic slump has not negatively influenced the condom market, the urge of people to engage in less sexual intercourse, and bring fewer kids just because a baby's expensive requirements are pressing. Trojan has by now taken crucial attempts to enhance its sales. For example, Trojan's "Safe Ride Home Project" throughout the U.K. is a remarkable approach to compete with chief rivals as Durex (Ken, 2007).

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