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Family Together

The main thing that a full family gives to a child is a so-called "pattern", a standard of relationship both between members of the family on the whole with an outside world.

Constantly, in the world, there is a large number of positive and negative situations. The full family, facing the problems in an everyday life, overcomes them much easier.

The children in such a family know that they are not alone, that the father and mother always stand behind their backs, and they learn to overcome all difficult situations on the example of joint decisions (possibly, they are not always correct and they can be accepted in disputes, but they are joint ones).

The mother's care cannot be made by any law or caused by the contract. It is instinctive. Motherhood is not disinterested, but unconditional - the mother loves her child without expecting response obligations from him/her.

The psychological function of the father in the family consists not only in providing the feeling of safety to the child. Father shows examples of man's behavior accepted in society. It is extremely important for education of boys. As for girls, the presence of the father in the family gives a chance to acquire a female role watching behavior of the mother in relation to the father.

The mother's love protects the kid more; the father's develops him/her more. The mother's love raises the soul in the kid; the father's raises force and reason more. Theoretically, these two unilateral loves can make a much counterbalanced pair; they both can create that ideal psychological balance, in the atmosphere of which, the child develops properly.

Certainly, the most important factor in a full family is that it prepares the child for a future independent life. It is quite obvious that, living in a full family, he/she acquires the most versatile experience. Even when parents manage to overcome all difficulties connected with a divorce process, it will give an invaluable experience to the child how to behave in some difficult family situations in his/her private adult life.

Now, there is a number of the certain psychological researches confirming that children of the divorced parents, in their private adult life, often face a similar set of difficulties.

In what situations there is a need of divorce?

Positive sides of the full family for the child are visible to the naked eye.

Though, there are cases when the parting of the parents will be a benefit not only to them but also the child. For example, it is in case when there are daily quarrels and conflicts in a family, and everybody lives "on a time bomb". That means that constant showdowns can also happen with a manhandling in the family, and all the members of the family are occupied only with reproaches, charges to the others - it is regrettable, but it is necessary to recognize that there is a unique exit, namely the divorce.

And even more, the divorce is necessary for the child, too as after it, he/she appear to acquire a possibility of a life harmonization of each of the spouses separately. Systematically facing tension in a family, with constantly flashing quarrels and conflicts forming from scratch, the child feels twice deprived and unfortunate.

Such domestic surroundings affect on a mental condition of the child more perniciously than a measured and stable life with one of the parents.

However, it is necessary to remember and know that the divorce is always a tragedy though it leads to optimization of a lively situation for all the members of the family or, at least, to a more emotional stable atmosphere for the child.

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