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My Mother

There is nothing unusual for a person to speak of their mother as the most meaningful person in their life. Since our birth imprints of her look, voice and smell become part of our minds and outlooks, shaping our characters and attitudes. Mothers' portraits would be different in each case but yet strikingly similar because of our emotions. The small pieces of memories, joys, disappointments and love will make up my following story.

When I was a little child, my Mum would follow my footsteps everywhere. Her care was enormous and even started to annoy me in my teens. The birth of my younger sister distracted her a little, still her attention was always with me. Nowadays I realize that it takes real love to devote one's life to other person completely, even sometimes at the expense of one's own interests. This ability to love herself in love is what always on my mind when I think about my mother.

She is always busy caring about other people, even now when her children are grown up. She feeds birds and stray cats; she gives a helping hand to elderly neighbors. When she goes to church, she asks health and happiness for her close people, and probably nothing for herself. Her devotion is enormous, as well as her ability to fill the house with comfort and warmth. Home flowers adore her; she has plenty of them and treats them as living beings. I recollect her holding a cat on her knees or knitting a sweater, such a cozy domestic image of a woman.

Although she is a housewife at the moment, she used to work before and it seems her role for her colleagues was the same as for her family. She was the person to whom people went for support and a kind talk, and her peaceful nature could extinguish fire of argument between them. Like at home, she grew flowers at work and created a comfortable atmosphere for people to feel relaxed and pleased. It has always been interesting for me how she could attract young people into her circle. Although she was much older, they could trust her and share their issues with her like with a friend. She is the one who avoids envy and gossip, so no one would ever think that she could be a foe.

My Mum is a perfect example of how to be a good wife, in good times and bad ones. Her loyalty is amazing; she knows that simple affection and care can work miracles. No relationships are cloudless, yet I am truly amazed how the couple can live long years still full of devotion and self-sacrifice. This is my mother's merit to a large extent, which has always showed the greatest honor to my father and never criticized him in public or complained about him. Her patience and acceptance are great examples of genuine femininity, and it takes effort for me to learn from her. We talk on the phone almost every day and her soft compassionate voice is able to soothe me in the toughest situation. Her smile is like a medicine that works perfectly, when her family needs support.

In fact, this is both a hard and easy task to describe my mother. It would be true to say that there were cases in my life, especially in my adolescence, when I rebelled against her. Her care seemed disturbing to me, and I tried to reject her affection. Yet, with every coming year I become wiser and more tolerant, which helps me realize that my Mum is a true gift and that I should appreciate her presence in my life.

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