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The book of Ruth presents a very important lesson on love, loyalty and kindness for Christians all over the world. The Ruth, a Moabite woman, becomes the instrument of redemption for her Israelite mother-in-law Naomi and the rest of her people via her great-grandson King David. In times of conflict and prejudice, Ruth proved to everyone that race and ethnic differences should not stop anyone from loving, and being kind and loyal to someone.

Ruth is considered a foreigner in the land of Israel because of her Moabite origin Moab and Israel were in constant friction with each other. Therefore, Moabites and Israelites do not usually mix. But Ruth- a full-blooded Moabite, a foreigner, who was married to an Israelite- remains faithful to Naomi, despite the latter's negative bitterness and negative perspective in her life. Ruth continues to be faithful and patient to Naomi. She followed all her suggestions and never, even for once, questioned her instructions. She simply had a generous amount of conviction to Naomi. This tells us that she did it because Ruth simply believed in Naomi and not because she was obliged to.

Self-sacrifice is the highest form of love. Ruth's sacrificial character earned her all kinds of greatness and blessings. Although at first, she and her family had to experience a multitude of sufferings, her kindred spirit generated blessings in the end. Boaz immediately noticed this selfless nature of hers, thus he decided to help and be kind to her. And truth to be told, Ruth was indeed blessed for her fortitude in difficult times. Boaz became her second husband and kinsman-redeemer, as well as Naomi's. The Lord God have chosen her people to populate his community, through her son's great-grandson, King David, and her descendant Jesus Christ. This teaches us that self-sacrifice is a symbol of greatness. That in every selfless sacrifice made, there is surely a reward to reap after.

In the time of Ruth and Naomi, interracial marriage was criticized among the contemporary Christians. After the death of her husband, Ruth opted to remain a part of his family and believed in their God. Ruth adapted Judaism as her religion and became a good Jew. She has sent a very important message to everyone: foreigners can make exceptional Jews. And just like every other good Jew, Ruth had no problem following Jewish laws. She then married another Judhaite, and still continued to be a good person despite the judgments. This time, the marriage produced a son named Obed, who then had a son named Jesse, who in turn sired a son named David. David becomes the prophet and King of the nation Israel. The great King of Israel had a foreigner ancestor, his paternal great-grandmother. Without Ruth, King David would not have been included in the history of Israel. The mixed marriage of Ruth and Boaz produced a spectacular consequence and it was written all over the history pages of Israel.

Ruth's effortless acceptance of the Israelites' God as her own God, and the Israelites, as her own people wins the affection of Boaz, who in turn redeemed her and Naomi from peril, bankruptcy and poverty. It is no wonder why the story of Ruth remains one of the popular Bible classics until today. She was a simple woman who did great things. The heroine Ruth, a foreigner, delivered great teachings about love, loyalty, self-sacrifice and greatness to all Israelites.

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