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Smoking Issue

Smoking is an addiction. It is really an acute problem for a person, at first psychological and then physical. In my opinion, any addiction is not worth paying for it.

I did not smoke any cigarette, and nobody in my family smokes. Not because it would be harmful to our health or could cause lung cancer as inscriptions on packs warn prudently but because dependence on a cigarette is unacceptable for me and my family.

Those who smoke understand perfectly all harm of this process for them personally and for the community on the whole. At least, it would be desirable to hope. For this purpose, cigarettes with filters are thought up. They are considered to be invented for the calm of mind instead of the reduction of receipt of different muck in the lungs. Moreover, any young smoker never recognizes his/her addiction. It happens after a while when in the middle of the night he/she wakes up for a new portion of nicotine or when it is impossible to stay at home without weakening smoking of a cigarette. But it seems that it will happen some time later, and now it is not the moment to think of such trifles during the times of mint filters and nanofilters. Live brightly, suck on a cigarette deeply! And do not worry that your lungs is a field on which money is earned.

Despite the attempts to convince that "smoking is harmful to our health", very few people give up smoking; in this regard, you should find for yourself a compromise attitude towards smoking. Unfortunately, not many smoking people listen to it. The examples like "blue children" cannot be effective, even if it is told by the best friend or the relative. Thereby, you do an attempt to teach someone, even your friends. And nobody likes when he/she is learnt to live.

The person should make the decision himself/herself, and the more independent it is, the stronger it would be. The choice will always exist. There will be only a decision, the will of a specific person - to give up smoking or not.

It is certainly my personal opinion. People are not ideal and correcting them is an ungrateful task. Meanwhile, when something concerns only someone personally, it remains only his/her personal business.

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