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Educational Tests

Educational tests, or examinations, which are administered by educators to determine test scores, are aimed at evaluating how well students are likely to perform in the previous educational setting. Therefore, teachers can use educational tests to evaluate school effectiveness, particularly by the school administrators. Educational tests are used as an assessment tool to make some inferences about the competencies or knowledge and skills which are possessed by a student in a given content area. Through test scores, parents and educators will be informed on the ability and status of students concerning the mastery of knowledge or skills in a given subject area. In addition, such information on the students' mastery of content being taught is very important in the academic life of students since it indicates the strengths and weaknesses of a student and thus can assist in determining the type of teaching strategies used by teachers as well as teacher/student relationships.

In most educational settings, educational tests are therefore used to contribute to the quality of education which is given to students and are related to the instructions which are given to students. Educational test is very vital in education system since it makes a direct contribution to student outcomes. Moreover, education test is aimed at assisting teachers to improve their teaching or instructional methods to achieve better student outcomes. On the other hand, educational tests are aimed at making teachers do a better job in their career. However, they should be improved so that they not focus only on memorization, but also on the application of new skills as well as knowledge in a novel way.

In conclusion, it is important to direct educational tests to have a positive impact on classroom instructions, because student outcomes can be used in evaluating schools and teachers as high or low achievers due to the extent to which they get prepared for tests; hence, they can be used as a measure for evaluating the strengths or weaknesses and assist in developing correct interpretations concerning school programs.

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