Jan 12, 2018 in Education

Hiring a New Teacher

We live in the tough world, demanding us to do our best in order to achieve the goals we strive for. As a principal, I bear the responsibility for the knowledge the students will get. Thus I choose the possible candidates for the teacher vacancies very thoroughly.

All teachers have to meet two prime criteria to be able to work at our school. Firstly, teacher should be a very smart, educated and highly-intellectual person at the same time. It is required since students go to school to get the basic and/or advanced knowledge about the world, studying various subjects. I will choose the person who will be teaching students according to the current curriculum, but will not be restricted in knowledge. We will never hire a teacher who will know everything about math and calculus, but will not be able to write an essay without grammar mistakes. A good teacher should be able to express himself, and share the knowledge with students, not just keep it for his/her own sake.

The second criterion I rely on when choosing a good teacher is his character and manners. Despite the general idea all teachers share a common set of personal qualities, I believe every teacher has something that distinguishes him/her from others. A teacher with good manners and character will be treating students appropriately, and might even become a role model for them, as young people always look up for somebody to follow. This is very important in the nowaday world, full of misleading examples. Thus having a person, capable of becoming an example of a good citizen, is essential for our school. That is why all my efforts are directed towards finding a good candidate who would fit for the open teacher's vacancy.

As your principal, I feel responsible for finding the best candidate to fill in the vacancy we have. I know this person will be doing everything possible to educate students properly and become their role model. The new teacher will help raising students and making them the best members of the society.

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