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Euromaidan Revolution in Ukraine Informative Speech Outline

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General purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the Euromaidan revolution that took place in Ukraine during 2013-2014

Thesis sentence

Revolution in Ukraine proves that a nation working together is a tremendous power that cannot be stopped, especially in the modern world with all of the information access and the ability to make the news.


  1. At the present moment, the entire world watches the events that are happening in Ukraine
  • Now, there is a war in the Eastern part of the country.
  • It involves Russian troops fighting against Ukraine’s soldiers, although Russian authorities deny it.
  • The war is a result of the revolution that took place in Ukraine and ousted Ukraine’s former President, Russia’s big friend, from the country.
  1. The revolution took place in the end of 2013, and lasted until March of 2014
  • It was the first revolution in Ukraine that had a bloody resolution.
  • Before that, all of the protests that took place within the country ended peacefully.
  • The revolution ended after bloody battles with the police.
  1. The revolution is a good example proving that a nation can change the way the country is developing by gathering, and that was what spurred my interest in the topic

  1. This time, I would like to show my audience why and how the revolution started, what the outcome of the events was, what help Ukraine received from the West, and what has been taking place in Ukraine after the revolution


  1. According to the article in The New York Times by Herbst, Green Miller, Pifer and Taylor, the revolution was a protest against the authoritarian rule of Yanukovych, Ukraine’s president at that time, and lack of freedom within the country
  • People gathered in the capital of Ukraine in the end of November, when Yanukovych did not sign an Association Agreement with the EU.
  • Many Ukrainians wanted the agreement to be signed, so Ukraine could develop alongside other European countries.
  • People invited each other to the main square in the capital city via social networks.
  1. The government decided to use force against the protesters
  • The special forces bet the protesting students in the middle of the night, when the amount of revolutionaries was the minimum.
  • The violence caused more Ukrainians to protest, and, according to BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Kyiv (the capital) in the meeting against the authorities and their aggression.
  1. The government decided to ignore the protesters’ demands
  • People all over the country were mobilized, protesting against the President either in the capital or locally.
  • People’s demands have increased: they wanted the change of authorities, new elections, punishment for the current officials, and signing Association Agreement.

  1. The government kept sending troops to battle the protesters
  • People were regularly attacked by the police.
  • According to KyivPost reporters Shevchenko and Goncharova, around 100 people were killed during clashes with the police.
  • The violence was the reason that ousted Yanukovych from the country since people were no longer willing to excuse the authoritarian leader.
  1. The West did not do much besides talking
  • Leaders of the Western countries accused Yanukovych, but they did not take any actions.
  • The Western leaders tried to pressure Yanukovych with sanctions, but the protesters were the ones kicking the president out and changing the country.


  1. I would like to conclude by saying that Ukrainians have suffered much on their way to change the country since the revolution took many brave people. Nevertheless, they did not stop and kept fighting until the end.
  2. At the present moment, Ukraine has a new, democratic government, but still has to deal with the consequences of the previous government that was corrupt, authoritarian, and dependent on Russia. As a means to resume its influence on a changed Ukraine, Russia annexed Crimea and is helping the separatists operating in the Eastern Ukraine.
  3. Despite the challenges, the country is improving and developing due to the fact that the citizens made a choice about the country they want to live in.

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