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Graduation Speech

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The Experience, Which Has Made Us Those, Who We Are Today

When I was writing the speech, I thought that I would start with the word 'today' as many prominent speakers were doing it before me – 'today is a great day, on this remarkable day, on this day...' I think that every graduate has faced this problem. Therefore, when I thought about it, it was the first time when I have realized that this day actually comes, and that is not a myth. I will stand in front of you, and in a very short period of the time, which is limited to a few minutes, I will be transformed from a pupil to a graduate.

All these twelve years, each of us has experienced in his/her own way. However, we will be very surprised when we will remember who we were at the beginning of this way and who we are today. Completely defenseless beings have covered this long way - we just were checking out even the unformed sense of the wit at others. We just were growing up and wanted to seem better, more interesting, or more fun than we were (as we thought). We just wanted to be like those who have been older, who were giving us advice, which we are already able to provide for others too.

I know that my experience is a bit different from the others, but we all remember those hours when we were overcoming the grammar test or mathematical equations. It is our shared experiences and memories that are difficult to divide into separate parts. No doubt, I suspect that no one wants to associate in someone's mind, for example, with the geometry (I say it with all due respect to the subject), but remembering it, I start to remember everyone, who was next to me.


Life is priceless, and I thank everyone, who has become part of mine. That is why, I thank you all and wish each graduate to appreciate what he has now, but always strive to something which seems impossible, because everything impossible can be achieved only thanks to the sincere desire.

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