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Multiple Sclerosis Informative Speech

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the unexplained diseases affecting people today. It is a disorder attacking the brain and the central nervous system (CNS). MS is a mystery to the world since its cause is still unclear. I feel that the issue of MS is worth investigating because people do not know much about it. They have to be informed about MS and by doing further research on the same will enlighten them about this illness. In this speech, my primary aim will be to inform my audience about the disease, where I will talk about the illness, diagnosing it as well as treatment options.

MS refers to an abnormal response of the immune system when it attacks the sheath that insulates the nerve fibers. As a result of the process, the damaged nerve forms a scar that is commonly referred as sclerosis. The outcome is altered communications in the nerve leading to the lack of coordination between the brain and other parts of the body. The lack of coordination causes a range of symptoms. The disease occurrence is usually triggered among individuals who have genetic susceptibility with a combination of environmental factors (The National MS Society 1).

The signs of the illness differ from one individual to another. The symptoms are dependent on the location of the nerve fibers that have been affected. Major signs include weakness on either side of the body. In most cases, the legs are affected. One may also experience the loss of vision in a single eye or both. Others may suffer a prolonged double vision and a lot of pain when moving their eyes. Such symptoms as lack of coordination and tremoring are also very common among patients who suffer from the disease. Other patients can feel dizziness and fatigue. It is good to seek medical attention when someone experiences the above symptoms without any other cause. Visiting the doctor at the right time may help a lot in the management of the symptoms and the disease in general (Mayo Clinic 1).

It is unclear why some people develop the MS while others do not have it. However, although the cause is not known, there are some issues that increase the risk of the MS. The family history of an individual as well as preexisting illnesses also expose one to a significant risk of developing MS. Gender is another issue, and women suffer from MS twice as often as men (The National MS Society 2).

There is no cure for the disease and the treatments offered are just meant to reduce the attacks and to manage the symptoms. Corticosteroids, as well as plasma exchange, are the common treatment methods used for treating attacks. However, there is a lot that can be done in self-management of the disease. I would recommend physical exercises and keeping to a healthy diet as some of the interventions that an individual can apply. Physical exercises are very useful, and they can be of great help in managing the symptoms. Other coping strategies include taking a lot of rest and trying to reduce stress. The symptoms of the disease tend to become adverse when the body temperature rises and, therefore, it is important to cool down (Mayo Clinic 1).


In conclusion, multiple sclerosis is one of the diseases that are affecting the society today. Many people do not know about it. Although it has very adverse effects, it is possible to manage the disease and reduce the symptoms. Individuals suffering from this illness can adopt good eating habits as well as exercises. If not managed well, the disease can lead to paralysis, depression as well as epilepsy.

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