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Online Education Persuasive Speech Outline

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Online Education Is Just As Good As Classroom Learning

In recent years, the term e-learning is widely used. It means the learning process is in the electronic form via the Internet. The transition from traditional teaching to learning based on computer technologies developed over several decades. Globally, it has become possible with the development of the Internet. Nowadays, online education is as effective as classroom learning.

The use of a virtual classroom provides the most tangible results. Willingly or unwillingly, the participants of online learning have to use all possible channels of perception to fully absorb the material. The chosen topic is very relevant. Nowadays, many universities are switching to online learning. However, like any other technology, online learning has a number of characteristic features. A student must consider them when learning online.

The main points of the paper are advantages and disadvantages of online education, development of this kind of learning worldwide, factors of popularity of online education, the role of tutors, whether online education is regarded.

When writing the paper, three sources were used - Shelton, K. & Saltsman, G. An Administrator’s Guide to Online Education, Moore, Michael G. & Kearsley, G. Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning, Roussas, S. The Effect of Online Education Versus Traditional Education on Employee Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis within a High-Tech Company.

The book The Effect of Online Education Versus Traditional Education on Employee Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis within a High-Tech Company describes in details key factors of popularity of online education. The book Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning depicts the development of online learning. The book An Administrator’s Guide to Online Education describes advantages and disadvantages of online education and the role of tutors.

Speech Outline


  • The term e-learning is extremely common as nowadays more and more people use online education.
  • The transition from classroom learning to online is becoming very popular with the vast development of the Internet.
  • It is proved that online education is as effective as classroom learning.
  • Some researchers affirm that online education is even better comparing to classroom learning as it improves all possible channels of perception – visual, audio and digital.


  1. Advantages of Online Education

  • The possibility of combining learning, personal and professional life. It is a very important benefit for busy people.
  • Reduction of transportation costs and time savings. Openness and accessibility of trainings allow studying all the time combining studies with the main activity.
  • Students can choose courses that best meet not only their interests, but also the state of knowledge. Students know the level of their knowledge and can choose advanced courses or learn the course from the beginning.
  • Development of computer skills. Nowadays, computer technologies are very important in everyday life. Therefore, with online classes, students can improve their computer and Internet skills.
  1. Disadvantages of Online Education

  • Slow or unreliable Internet connection may cause interference during the classes.
  • Some practical courses can be difficult for the assimilation and imitation.
  • Rigid self-discipline. Students have to force themselves to learn. The achievement of the aim of the process depends on the result of learning.
  • There are difficulties with the perception of new printed information. There are no detailed explanations and practice.
  1. The Effect of Online Education Versus Traditional Education on Employee Productivity

  • One of the factors is the enhancement of the communication by the web technologies.
  • The second factor is increased access of the Internet.
  • One more factor is the credibility and effectiveness of online education versus the traditional classroom education, according to numerous researches.

  1. Goals and Objectives of Online Education

  • Objectives serve as motivators.
  • A student can use different means in online learning, in order to obtain satisfactory final result. It can be video and audio recordings, schedules supporting statistical data and schemes.
  • Online learning contributes to the development of self-knowledge and self-confidence. It is understood that students consciously take responsibility for their learning, which has a beneficial effect on their personal growth.
  1. 5. The Role of Tutors in Online Learning Changes and Their Capabilities Expand

  • a) This form of training allows a teacher not to waste time on a routine educational process.
  • b) Online tutors do not have to leave the house for attendance and for the preparation of teaching materials. It gives the opportunity to teach all those who can and wants to do it - regardless of employment at home (for example, women who are bringing up young children) and health (elderly experienced teachers).


  1. Nowadays, online education becomes very popular due to development of the Internet and computer technologies.
  2. Learning outcomes when using online courses are equivalent or even better compared with classroom activities.
  3. Heads of agencies with programs of online learning in different countries consider this technique very effective and convenient for different populations and age groups.
  4. Nowadays, it is the most progressive method of teaching.

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