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Persuasive Speech on Animal Abuse

It is possible to state a fact that humans are affected by animal abuse in different ways. First of all, the animals are abused and on the other hand, there may be a criminal responsibility for the abusers. In order to consider ourselves as a great nation, we are to fight for the rights of such animals and to treat them respectively. It is up to human beings to speak for the pets, they don't have the voice: if we would not do it, who would?

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Daily cases of beating, neglecting, and abusing animals take their place. Animals in such cases just need to struggle in order to survive. People leave their pets in unsanitary conditions without water and food, and there is little hope that such animals would live out their last days without the deserved compassion. Some of these pets are found and rescued, while provided with the chance for the life and for experiencing how great it may be, and others are not.

Animals are an integrative and important part of our social life and lots of people have animal-friends, who are treated correctly. In the cases of abusive attitude, there are different reasons, for instance - no money for treating animals. But such a reason cannot be considered as an excuse for not turning the pet to the animal shelter.

Animals also have their feelings and that is why it is very important both, for humans and for animals "to treat the pets with respect and love" in the same manner as other humans. If the animals are not treated by humans correctly, there is a risk of their lifecycle changing and furthermore - declining of their population.

About Animal Cruelty and Abuse

People are provided with a set of positive aspects in life by the animals, for instance, happiness and the option of learning new moral things, etc. Animals become more helpful and smarter: as people teach them new tricks, which may be furthermore useful for humans in the terms of saving a life or its improvement (Felthous, 1998).

The trend of animal abuse covers not only the inside pets but also the farm animal animals, which are squished in tiny cages and slaughtered afterward in the incorrect manner for breeding. To my personal opinion, such a trend has a negative impact not on the animals only, but also on humans: who are the witnesses of such attitude towards the animals. It is obvious that animals are very important in different areas of human life and that is why those individuals, who treat them in a cruel manner, are scarred for life.

As an example, can anyone of us imagine the process of watching one of your beloved relatives die because some other person considered that person as your pet? Animals experience torture, pain, anger, and fear in the same manner as we do. All the above-listed factors are the things, which abuse the animal's feelings. It is hard to imagine what humans would feel in the case if they are to feel these fears every second of their lives.

While referring to the law regulations of animal protection, it is important to rely on the fact that the law officials in the following states: Mississippi, Idaho, Kentucky, Hawaii, and North Dakota have hardly undertaken the animal protection measures. Animal abuse leads to their death every day. To my opinion, people, and animal abusers, in particular, are to respect both animal and human life in the same manner!

The only difference in the current social life is that the cruel abusive actions against animals face minimal punishments and in some cases - no legal punishment for the animal abuse is implied by the law. According to the Bible, animals have got the equal to humans' right to a happy and abuse-free life, just as we have. That is why the animal abusers should face harsher measures for their actions before it is too late (Rothfels, 2005).

In the majority of cases when the animals get abused, nobody cares about that issue. In such case we should just imagine that this animal is someone of our relatives or the best friend, would we care then? That is why there is a need for these animals to be fought for because they have got the same rights for life as we do.

There is an urgent need for stopping animal abusers' activity because of one more reason - they have neither a respectful attitude towards animal life nor towards humans. That is why they are able to torture every breather: animals, birds, our kids, etc.


One of the most common forms of animal abuse is torture. I do not think that animals deserve such an attitude from humans. The only reason for the mass torture is that the animals are defenseless creatures and the majority of them cannot defend themselves - they do not possess weapons, substances, or power as humans do.

One of the worst aspects of nowadays social life is the wide popularization of the abuse in the mass media and animal abuse in particular, for instance, the movie "Cannibal Holocaust", where the worst cases of animal abuse are shown "such as killing the animals in the process of filming" in order to make the picture to be more realistic. To my personal opinion, the authors of this movie have been motivated by two mercantilist factors: money and fame.

Currently, animal abuse is in the process of its culmination in our social life. As another evident example, it is possible to consider circuses, where the major part of the show is performed by the animals, which are badly treated in the process of their drilling. It is possible to state a fact that such training is the cruelest and not needed thing, performed by the circus personnel. Again, the core motivating factor here is the monetary reward, obtained after the show. Such countries as Singapore, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Costa Rica, and India have banned using animals in the circus.

According to the experts' expectation, by 2022 about 22% of animal species would extinct in the case if the animal abuse is not stopped.

That is why it is up to us to decide whether to be the person who would abuse the animals or be the one who would fight for stopping it.

As it has been noted above there is a high interdependence between animal abusive behavior and the probability of crime committed against children, elderly people, and other representatives of the vulnerable population.

According to the different researchers, conducted in the area of psychology and criminology, animal cruelty or abuse is one of the indicators of rapists, serial killers, and other offenders. This trend may indicate the direct interrelation between the human actions or may play a significant role in the crime commitment actions furthermore due to the set of psychological and physiological changes in the mind of such individuals. Such people usually have a lot of hostility and anger, which motivate them to the cruel and heartless actions.

According to the statistical data, the lion's share of the children-related violence that is committed at home or in school starts from the animal-abusive activity. As a piece of evidence for this statement, it is possible to consider the following examples: the case of 1999, when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris have committed the crime - shooting at Columbine High School.

The beginning of the abusive behavior has taken its place as they have mutilated the animals and furthermore - desired to get much adrenaline from their activities and made a decision of shooting in their school. One more example is Luke Woodliam, who has killed his mother and after that shot two of his classmates. Before this, Luke has "enjoyed" the process of killing his dog and describing her dying howls he has considered these howls as the "thing of beauty" (Duncan et al, 2005).


To conclude, I would like to rely on the fact that the consequences of animal abuse are not harsh enough. The animal abusers should be punished for the cruel things, which are committed by them in relation to the animals. It is obvious that they have neither respect for animal lives, nor for humans. That is why they are a threat to our society (Kaohsiung Municipal Institute for Animal Health, 2005).

In case if no measures are undertaken for stopping animal abuse, our society would degrade both in terms of crime committed and in the terms of human morality. The core problem of animal abuse and its background is the fact that many individuals are isolated from experiencing such life, which is predefined by God - in accordance to His Word: when every breather is provided with the equal right for life.

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