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Blue Ridge Hospital

Blue Ridge Regional hospital stands responsible for a number of medical services. It offers services that are beyond those anticipated from a regional hospital. The hospital also offers personal patient consideration to patients, as well as their families. The hospital's employees are specialized in lots of different medical fields. The Blue Ridge hospital is also responsible for proving an utmost supreme excellence services as well as care for their patients through its specialties. That means that the hospital doctors stand accountable for steadfast upkeep to patients and their families that may require their attention (Blue Ridge Inc.).

The Blue Ridge hospital has committed doctors as well as other staff that serves the public in its entire cultural, spiritual as well as economic assortment. Their mission is "to provide patient-centered quality health care to all people in Nelson County and neighboring communities; and to improve their general health and well-being through prevention, education, and treatment (Blue Ridge Inc.)." In general, the Blue Ridge hospital upkeeps the community through making superior and beneficial services available to people.

The Blue Ridge hospital works in a safe and clean environment. The hospital is responsible for letting people know of any unexpected incidences and offering advice on measures to take in regard to the situation. The duties of the doctors involve taking actions like involving themselves in making decisions with their patients; thus they offer the best suitable decisions to their patients. The doctors discuss the treatment plans with the patients, which is more than they are required to offer. In addition, they explain in detail the consequences of treatments, as well as the pros of the treatment (Blue Ridge Inc.).

The hospital offers a doctor-to-patient confidentiality, which is a sensitive care part of the relationship between a care giver and a patient. The boards of directors, trustees or governors are elected officials who are responsible for providing hospital with their funding and making sure the facility meets legal requirements. The board of directors of the Blue Ridge hospital addresses the needs of the doctors as well as all other staff members of the hospital (Blue Ridge Inc.).

More additionally, the board of directors takes on other hospital aspects such as ascertaining that the business is running as smoothly as it is required, making sure that other business operations, like doctors performing their duties, are done efficiently. The board of directors is responsible for the allocation of budgets, tracking accounts and finance, and other organizational practices (Blue Ridge Inc.). The board is also responsible for providing a superior management. The board of directors of the Blue Ridge hospital is responsible for all the major decisions taken in the facility.

The board of directors is also responsible for situations where a patient may die, and his or her family may decide to sue the company. The board is the one to stand responsible in the court. Also, it is responsible for those situations where, a patient may be taken care of in the hospital but is unable to pay for their bill. The board takes on the measures that are either necessary or mandatory. The board may choose to let the patient go and find ways of paying the bill or the best decision they may see applicable. Blue Ridge hospital is a hospital that serves its community and the neighboring communities. It is responsible for the well-being of its community.


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