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Importance of Dancing

Initially, very few people understood the essence of dancing fully. Some people have quite a shallow of perception of dancing. However, there is more to dancing than meets the eye. Dancing is not only done at discos or at parties as many would think. There are many more areas where people dance. There is cultural dance, dance in education, dance competitions, and commercial dancing just to mention a few. Equally, there are many reasons why people should be advised to dance in different settings. This paper will give just ten reasons. The reasons include:

1. Dance unifies people

Dance educators all over the world at some point collaborate to make dancing curriculums. In dancing competitions, people meet and dance together which creates bonds between the participants (Logsdon,1986). Indeed dancing is a great source of unity. For instance, the bond between dancing partners is phenomenon.

2. Dancing helps in brain development

It has been researched and established that movement is a great tool in fostering neural connections, brain development and growth in children. Dancing is all about movement. Therefore, dancing helps in children brain development and children should be encouraged to partake in dancing (Cone & Cone, 2005).

Human Kinetics

Social interaction nurturing in children
When children dance in a classroom setting, it is never a competition. On the contrary it is an interactive activity where children are encouraged to step out of their cocoons and interact with other children. This according to Thomas (1995), cultivates a sense of socialization in children.
Language development in children
Children at their tender ages do not have a mastery of communication. Dancing involves instructing the dancing participants and at some point dance is accompanied by chanting (Waldman & Braun,1994). Children can learn a lot about speech from dancing in a fun way.
Source of income
Dancing has been used by some professional dancers to make fortunes. Dancing can be taken to another level where an individual is contracted to dance for instance for music videos' shootings. Any talented dancer should be encouraged to make some income out of their talent (Brinson,1991).


Improves physical health
Dancing is a form of exercise. Therefore like all forms of exercising it improves physical health and helps in the toning up of bodies. According to Rogers, (1941), dancing has also been used to ensure that children grow in a physically alright way. Anybody with weight issues for instance can take up active dancing to service the issue.
Boosts self esteem
Children who partake in dancing generally have a higher self esteem than those who do not. This is because children who dance feel good about themselves besides dancing improving their confidence about their abilities. Research also shows that adult dances exhibit high esteem (Richards,2011). Therefore, dancing boosts people's self esteem.
Boosts memorization
Dancing is all about memorization of steps and moves. Children especially sharpen their memory while trying to memorize dancing routines (Joyce,1984). For this reason children should be encouraged to dance. If dancing is used in class to enhance learning, the results will be very good.
Enhances listen as a skill
When dancing, a dancer has to listen to the rhythm of the beat and the instructions from his/her instructor. This means that listening ability is improved. Many people do not realize they have poor listening skills until they are put to the test (Gilbert & Pearson 2002).
Dancing is therapeutic
After doing the same thing the whole day, say class work, dancing will provide a fantastic avenue for relaxing. According to Mason (1974),dancing also helps in emotional healing as it allows people to vent. Dancing is capable of healing even broken hearts.


The importance of dancing cannot be over emphasized. Dancing enhances learning in classes, development in children, improves physical health, improves self esteem, and helps people vent and relax just to mention a few reason why dancing is not optional for anybody.

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