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Museum for Mankind

British Museum is really a unique phenomenon of our time. It aims to cultivate mind of people - to understand the world better. Its collections are very important to all the people and nobody should attempt to disintegrate them.

First of all, I consider that restitution of artifacts from British Museum is not right because this museum exercises a significant influence on people. Museum's space creates a special context in which every visitor could gain new understanding of the world's oneness. Moreover, it is even risky to return one piece of art from British Museum to the place where it came from because other countries would be eager to return their cultural patrimony too. It may result that British Museum would become one of the others national museums.

Secondly, British Museum does all it can to show its collections to as many people as possible. It created a very informative interactive website that could be accessed from different parts of the world. Also museum exhibits its collections in different places.

In addition, it is workers of British Museum that were protecting all pieces of art from decay and destruction. If there were no such professional and dutiful defenders, maybe some pieces that reflect cultural heritage of a particular nation would not exist now. By the way, there is no reason to be afraid that works of art would receive less care in the future, while it is uncertain what may happen with them in country of their origin.

Furthermore, I think that it is useful for every country to present its culture within the walls of world's museum, especially if it needs to attract tourist. Also British Museum makes its visitors liberal and opened to new ideas. Citizens of different countries would hold each other in respect if museums like this one were built all around the world many centuries ago.

Thus, British Museum is concerned about all mankind and restitution of artifacts to original country means disappearance of special place that teaches people to analyze world around them. That's why, all society will benefit from preservation of museum's collections.

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