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About Jenny McCarthy’s Interview


The video shows an interview with Jenny McCarthy, who became a famous mother and wrote the book about how she cured her son’s autism. However, the main thing that is discussed by Mrs McCarthy and interviewer is the influence of vaccination on the emergence of autism. The mother claims that there is a direct interdependency between vaccination and this illness and calls vaccination a cause of it. This bias made her story popular among people who do not have a good grasp of medicine.

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Jenny McCarthy says that she does not call for the rejection of vaccinations. Nevertheless, according to her, it is that pharmaceutics industry makes a huge business out of people who demonstrate an interest in vaccines and agree to pay money for them (McCarthy). Logically, the hidden consequence of Mrs McCarthy's thinking chain is what we can foresee is that life without vaccinations is safer than life with them.

Relationship between Vaccination and Autism

Such interview is intended for people with an absolute trust in mass media and lack of desire to check information they hear from someone. Those who are at least somehow related to medicine and pharmaceutics understand that this interview is not a credible source. The commentaries also prove this, because the video arouses resentment among the viewers who are acquainted with the issue of vaccination and people who are autists. They write that Mrs McCarthy's position is totally senseless. Moreover, it is useful to carry out a search to check the credibility of her commentaries. I found out that the World Health Organization, the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Institute of Medicine declare that there is absolutely no connection between autism and vaccination (Downs). In this way, we can officially deny the words of the famous mother and suppose that initial diagnosis of her son was wrong. If he is not ill anymore, it means that it was not autism, because autism cannot be cured.

Unfortunately, some people believe that Jenny McCarthy tells the truth. Sales statistics of her book is the proof that this woman has her readers and like-minded individuals. If all of them abandon vaccination, it may have negative consequences on the health of the nation. Vaccines from flu or poliomyelitis are important for the well-being of people. Of course, there is some risk of infection in case medical equipment of the hospital is not disinfected and clean enough. However, I think such cases mostly take place in developing countries, not in the USA or countries of the European Union. Doctors and nurses should remember about the possible risks and pay attention to the observance of sanitary norms.


Anyway, the above-mentioned infection risks during vaccination do not have any relationship to autism. That is why the interview of Jenny McCarthy is weak and not credible. The only possible strength that can be found is the statement that pharmaceutics is a serious money-making process. Parents should remember it before agreeing for another course of treatment for their children, because doctors sometimes recommend medicine that can only bring them and medicine suppliers financial benefits. Although Jenny McCarthy is not a doctor but one of the people who care about their own profits that her story brings. The conclusion I can draw is that people should check all the information for credibility as well as think what is better for them and their children according to the basic medical warnings.

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