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Career Interview Experience


Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree, I started to look for a job. I started to apply to different companies in different areas. The most stressful part was the interviewing. I never had any experience before, so doing an interview for the first time was rather challenging for me. The first few times I could not find the right answers or was too overwhelmed with ideas. In addition, the atmosphere of the interviewing was rather tense and reminded me of a kind of conveyer as there were a lot of participants which were, however, evaluated on rather formal merits. I experienced strong emotional stress and was non-confident and shy which, of course, resulted in denial to precede my applications.

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Career Interview Experience Essay Sample

Then I came through dozens of interviews with different companies and as a result I posses various ideas from them, which I am able to connect to the main concepts that have been taught during this course. My experience lets me suppose that various types of interviews that have been mentioned during the course are actually applied in the workplace. Some of them are less used while others are practiced almost everywhere. For example, a lot of companies today prefer video-conferences as they are free of charge and more personalized than phone interviews. Additionally, prestigious companies frequently offer to go through interviews while having lunch.

After going through various job interviews I have learned a few lessons. First of all, the interviewee should be well-prepared for the questioning. The home task might include simulations of a job interview and suggestions for the answers that might be provided later for the questions asked. Secondly, it is important to take notes immediately after the interview, in order to understand one's strengths and weaknesses. Finally, it is always important to follow ethical and etiquette rules. It should be noted that the interviewee improves his or her interview skills at every occasion they are questioned. As to me, I should focus more on self-management and emotional control as I always experience strong stress before and during interviewing.


In conclusion, it should be noted that interviewing might be a rather stressful and emotionally-devastating experience, especially for those who have to go through this for the first time in their lives. However, with every new interview the person becomes more experienced and stress resistant which eventually leads to a successful end of a job application process.

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