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Entrepreneur Interview


Entrepreneurship is one of the key features of the modern economy of the US. Different kinds of business entities arise each year as a wish of a particular person or group of people to start working on one’s own. This kind of activity has a great deal of risks and requires a special character and knowledge to overcome all problematic issues on the way to success. This paper is a summary of the interview of one of the local Philadelphian entrepreneurs, Sarah Van Aken. The aim of the interview was to investigate the key factors in her success as an entrepreneur and thus develop certain insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneur Interview Essay Sample

Sarah Van Aken is an example of a successful representative of small business. Her entrepreneurship focuses on clothes making. Being a student, she was curious about different aspects of the society, in particular, the design issues. Her hobby of cloth design switched her to think of starting a business where she would be engaged in fashion. One of her first achievements was a small enterprise where she got the insight of the business concerning the risks and the challenges. She decided to become a risk-taker and start an entrepreneurship afterward because of her curiosity about the world and good management skills. It took her 9 years to develop her first company and own successful brand SA VA. It was a big challenge for her to raise a business in not so friendly financial area for small entrepreneurship as Philadelphia.

Another challenge for her was the decision to stop this business in 2014 due to the difficult economic conditions. Being curious about other things such as coaching and socially driven entrepreneurship as well as becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, she has switched to business-consulting sphere providing trainings and advising activities. She has overcome the biggest challenges of the past to become successful and famous now. Current business activity of Sarah Van Aken in her second company combines brand creation, fashion, marketing campaigns, and socially driven entrepreneurship. She is considered to be one of the best specialists in the described fields. Her opinion on the personal appearance of a successful entrepreneur is that one should be talented and extremely hard-working to start a successful business. That is why she regards success as a result of talent and hard work.

One of her personal failures was not being concerned about the capital and economic conditions of the region where she wanted to start a business. Having closed her first company, she is strongly convinced now that even the most talented and hard-working person have a proper capital to raise a successful company. Owning a business is explained by Sarah Van Aken as a stressful activity that requires lots of communication, control, and hundreds of different activities. She sees one of the disadvantages of this activity as the need to combine a tight working schedule and a private life. However, the difficulties are covered by the huge advantage of running a business that is the ability to organize everything on your own and enjoy doing the job you like. A well-organized work allows an entrepreneur and his or her workers not to be pressured by everyday working routine; instead, it stimulates productivity and creativity. In this sense, the person gets benefits because of working both with business and personal skills development.


On the example of Sara Van Aken and her activities as an entrepreneur, one can observe a successful and talented leader as well as a prospective entrepreneur. Her biography and the ways of running a business are a good example to follow. Having faced various challenges in raising the business in difficult economic conditions and closing the company, she continued searching ways of self-realization through business. She developed her talents of being a good manager and a leader and switched to running business in the spheres which she is interested most of all. From the interview, one can see that the disadvantage of entrepreneurship is a lot of stress and the need of time and material recourses. Nevertheless, the benefits of a successful entrepreneurship are successful social activity, self-realization, and freedom of choices in life.

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