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Leadership in Marketing Department


I had the opportunity to interview the head of marketing department at Tresor Food Company, Mr. Paul Brown. The main objective was to learn more about groups and their function in an organization. I learned much while conducting the interview concerning teams and marketing in general. The interview was held at Tresor Food Company, during which the reasons why teams play an important role in that organization were discussed.

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Effectiveness is a Measure of Success

Teams are an indispensable asset to any company, and they are important in marketing since they develop new ideas and help in fulfilling the organization's goals. According to Mr. Brown, small groups in Tresor Food Company are created to review products before they are released into the market, and sometimes they act as focus groups. The company possesses all types of teams from leadership teams and self-directed teams to virtual teams. A number of positive changes were experienced as a result of introducing teams, such as increased cooperation and cohesion among employees, better results in a smaller time frame, and improved output among others.

According to the marketing department head, challenges come and go every time there is a project needing the complete attention of the team. Major challenges include lack of cooperation from some team members, intra- and inter-team conflicts and time wastage on simple projects. However, they manage to find ways to deal with the challenges by choosing leaders that can solve conflicts and motivate the group to achieve the set goals and objectives. Since they work in teams more often, team members are carefully picked in order to increase the productivity. An individual has to be disciplined and flexible, exhibit creativity in their work and be a good team player.

As a leader, Mr. Brown has had the opportunity to be in a team that was given the mandate to improve the customer relationship in the marketing department. The experience was both “interesting and refreshing” according to Mr. Brown. The main reasons for effectiveness were that the team players were dynamic in their ideas and cooperative, giving the best results. The head of the marketing department confirmed the existence of a virtue team, which is crucial in achieving organizational goals together with the physical teams. Virtual teams play a big role when the team members are in different branches all over the country.

One of the main ways the company has increased productivity is by making the environment at the workplace conducive enough for teams to cooperate and work together. Generally, the tradition of working in teams is encouraged through team building workshops and seminars aimed at improving the communication among employees. This helps in eliminating feuds and disagreements between the employees. At the beginning, Mr. Brown admited, there was a resistance to using teams, but over time, employees have embraced the culture and fully accepted the use of teams.

“Effectiveness is vital in team building and overall success”, proved the head of the marketing department. Resources that have helped in increasing effectives include seminars and workshops geared to bring team members closer. Team building activities, such as a weekend of games and competitions, have helped in achieving cohesion and integration. The marketing department head emphasized the importance of checking the effectiveness of each team player to measure the overall effectiveness of the entire team. The team’s breakup was one of the most difficult things that Paul Brown experienced while being the head of the marketing department. Results are the main benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of a group; thus, if a group is not producing results, the management breaks the group.

Since effectiveness is a measure of success, the team leader is made responsible for making the team work towards accomplishing the main objectives. So, when a team is not effective in getting the job done, the team leader is questioned. This is important since the profits of the company depend on productivity, which cannot be achieved if the teams are not working together. Mr. Brown admitted that conflicts and disagreements are a part of daily life in the interactions with other people. In case of conflict within a team, the root cause is established and proper ways of dealing with it are devised. Sometimes, there is a need to shuffle people to solve the problem.

However, this is not a common phenomenon at Tresor Food Company since its team leaders are effective in dealing with conflicts. When it comes to picking team leaders, the management chooses the team leaders based on their performance and certain qualities. Team members' opinions count, but the decision largely makes the management. The main reason is to avoid resentment since it gets in the way of good working relationships. Some qualities that team leaders must possess include the ability to handle pressure, resolve conflicts, have good negotiation skills, understand the team members and their characters, be a good team player and guide the team to new achievements.

The team leader should also exhibit leadership qualities. Teams have to be motivated, as the marketing department head pointed out; therefore, giveaways are provided as rewards to effective teams; bonuses are also awarded to successful team members, and luncheons in a bid to recognize their efforts are organized.


In summary, the interview revealed much information concerning teams in the workplace and specifically in marketing at Tresor Food Company. Marketing is a field that I am interested in as a career. The interview was really informative, and I now feel more drawn to work in marketing. In my opinion, teams play a big role in the progress of a company. I am more inclined to have teams rather than individuals working by themselves. With teams, the brainstorming creates more ideas, and innovation becomes a product of all the creativity put in by all the members. The interview equipped me with some facts concerning being a team player and gave me insight into what to expect once I start working in the marketing field.

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