Jan 12, 2018 in Political

The Role of the Citizen

How Much Influence Do the People of the United States Have

On Their Government and Its Actions?

America has more than 300 million citizens. Without them, direct democracy in this country would not continue to flourish. The greatest power remains in the hands of the American people, and their casting ballots. Collectively or individually, they have a say on which party they are supporting in the elections or which figure should quit running in the office. In a country as immense as America, no matter how far Americans live from each other, they still get to be united shared interest and common beliefs.

Thanks to the new media, the people have become very connected to the government. Citizens can be updated with the latest news about aspiring candidates and present politician's actions and have their say over. The citizens now have access to the crucial issues of the country, and they can choose to be involved actively by joining national interest groups or just contain their feedback to their personal space. However, with the media trend going these days, personal space could mean posting blog entries online where millions of other Americans could read and see.

The modern America allows their people to be in very much connected with the government. One link is via political parties such as the Democrat and Republican. Every election, they present candidates to the general public in lieu with their political philosophy. Each party has their own approach on how the country should be run, which sectors and projects should be prioritized. The rest of the America identify with their ideologies and cast their votes accordingly.

The electoral campaign is one effective method of convincing people which party or politician to support. This time of the year, political parties and independent candidates gather as much time and energy to attract and influence people to vote them. After all, it depends on the hands of the people if they can be elected to the office and proceeds in making their mark on the history of America.

Another effective way of showing influence to the government is via interest groups. The members are united with common interests and stances, and they would do everything in their power to get the support of the government. Environmental groups, professional organizations and the likes have been making waves in the history. The new media have made it possible to connect to the government and air out their concerns in a simple manner. Now, the government can give quicker response to the needs of American people.

If you try to review the history of United States, it was the oppressed people who changed the way the country is run. From its tyrannical nature of only allowing the elite families of the society to vote, we have come from a very rough and a long way. Thanks to our predecessors, now everyone is given with equal rights to vote, live and express their opinion freely. United States remain a free country and its people held the true power in keeping it free.

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