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Global Warming

The theory of global warming is one of the most widespread subjects for discussion in the 21st century. Mass media, activists-ecologists, politicians, scientists - all continue to discuss this topic. Every day a new theory of an apocalypse appears which is connected with global warming in some way. People are assured that they themselves are the doomsday reason as if they are the catalyst of this global warming. However, today the world scientific community has not come to common conclusion concerning the reasons of global warming.

The theory of global warming explains that the increase in concentration of carbon dioxide or CO2 in the air inevitably causes the increase in temperature of the atmosphere, a terrestrial surface and various reservoirs. The main feature of this theory, according to its supporters' point of view, is the anthropological (human) factor of the influence on the temperature increase. Various plants, cars made by people, emit into the atmosphere the carbon dioxide, and that increases the temperature of the terrestrial surface that leads to various climatic cataclysms. As a consequence of global warming people experience the earthquakes, floods, tsunami, and tornados.

The theory of the global warming gained its popularity thanks to the former Vice President of the United States, Albert Gore. Gore, having lost the presidential election of 2000, decided to be engaged in public work which, first of all, was connected with the research of the global warming. In 2007, he got two Oscar awards for his movie "Inconvenient Truth" which told about already known "facts" of the global warming (Ackerman, Andrew S., et al.). This movie changed consciousness of the mankind. People started thinking of their shattering role on this planet. On October 12th, 2007 Gore was awarded with the Nobel Prize of the world for his work on the environment protection and researches on the climate change problem (Standard Solar Center). Gore became an activist in the environment protection and fight against the global warming.

Nevertheless, the theory of the global warming has its critics. Not all scientists agree with "such a majestic influence of CO2 on the temperature" (Alley 89). For example, the famous American climatologist Pearce Corbin claims that it is impossible to explain big climatic changes with CO2 influence for last millennium (Wetherald 12).

The majority of the ecologists think that if CO2 influences the temperature increase, therefore, the temperature in the atmosphere, where the carbon dioxide is concentrated the most, will be much higher than on the Earth. There are only two ways of measurement of the temperature of the atmosphere - satellites and meteorological spheres. Both of these ways, according to the professor of the Commission of the UN John Christie, confirm that the temperature of the atmosphere is lower than the temperature of the earth surface (Wetherald 56).

This information implies the idea that the global warming happens not from greenhouse gases. Then what is the reason for warming if it is not carbon dioxide?

The reason is found in the activity of the sun. This powerful star, which is the main source of life on our planet, is the reason for global warning. The activity of the Sun is shown in the emergence of "solar spots". (Houghton 62) Solar spots are powerful magnetic fields which appear at the moment of the increased solar activity. Throughout many centuries, scientists-meteorologists counted the quantity of these spots, and have drawn the conclusion that the more spots there are, the warmer climate is.

In 1983, the English scientist E. Mondoro made a very interesting supervision: within the 19th and 20th centuries, in "a small ice age", there were no spots on the sun. In 1991, the best scientists of the Danish University of Meteorology decided to gather for studying the amount of solar spots and to determine their influence on the temperature increase during the 20th century. It became clear that there is a direct link between the solar activity and the changes in the temperature of Earth. Solar activity, according to the Danish University of Meteorology, increased till 1940 then the temperature gradually went down till 1970, and after that, it increased again.

"The warming era on Earth comes to an end and a cold snap begins" (Houghton 14). It was declared by the professor of the Colorado University, Andrew Slader, at the International conference on permafrost studies in Salekhard. According to the scientist, our planet in 1998-2005 passed the peak of the global warming caused by a high level intensity of the sun within almost all the 20th century. The future cold snap will lead to a significant increase in the area of snow and ice cover.

The theory of the global warming is not more than a commercial project which has the only purpose - to gain public attachment. The fight for the nature protection turned into the political tool. Today global warming is one more propagandistic weapon in hands of political forces that interfere in the sphere unknown for them - meteorology. By means of the theory of the global warming this or that political force gains votes which help them to become powerful in the society. Today, ecologists are not only scientists who state some facts; they are already political activists whose words make a huge influence on public consciousness (Standard Solar Center). There are always people who are capable to earn on any global trouble even if such a trouble does not exist. The artificially created problem involves an enormous chain of decisions on which billions are earned.

Thus, the human factor is present at the reflection about the nature pollution, but it has no such a global character as it is described by the supporters of the theory of the global warming. The impact of the person on the nature reveals in deforestation, pollution of the terrestrial surface, but hardly in the temperature changes. A human being is a part of a natural balance which has to keep its natural functions, and thus not to spoil living conditions for other inhabitants of the planet. One should understand that the ecology can become one more speculative science, which is capable of deception for the sake of material enrichment of some people.

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