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Am I Really a Leader

Learning about one's self is an essential step in becoming an authentic leader. What role did self-awareness play in Sally's story of leadership?

Self-awareness is a very essential since it brings out the inner capabilities of a person, and the person is ready and willing to reflect these abilities to the society. A person who has an awareness of self-abilities knows that there are challenges that one has to face in order to actualize what he/she can do. Therefore, the challenges that arise do not deter a person from following his or her field of excellence. In fact, these challenges compel a person to pursue excellence and overcome all the hurdles that lie on the way.

Before Sally became a successful writer, she faced a lot of challenges since she had not come into terms with her self-awareness. However, she came to view herself as a unique person who was ready to overcome the challenges, and this marked the start of a successful career. Her success story is marked by the success that resulted from the initial recognition of her uniqueness, abilities and aspirations. She did not let her life be controlled by external forces, but she focused on her inner abilities. Thus, these abilities overcame the external barriers and she rose to her current success.

Self-awareness makes Sally become an authentic leader. She realized that since she was able to control herself, she could also be able to control other people. This is the initial stage of leadership. This is because leadership is all about control of the self, other people and situations. Evidently, Sally can do all these and this makes her an ideal leader.

How would you describe the authenticity of sally's leadership?

Sally's leadership is authentic in that she can identify some points of weakness and transform these into strengths. For instance, she recognizes that most societies view women as weak. Sally studies these misconceptions and she writes that women have a lot of advantages as a consequence of this misconception. In this situation, Sally becomes a leader in that she can identify a point that could transform people's ideals and perceptions of a certain issue.

Sally also recognizes her limitations in dealing with certain issues. For instance, when she writes a book, she says that she views herself as an author, but not as an expert. Therefore, her work gains a lot of credibility; she writes from an observational point of view. This way, she identifies with a lot of people since she shares ideals that are shared by many people. She could not write from a scientific perspective since she could have given inaccurate data. As such, she is an authentic leader who knows her confines.

Mantle of Leadership and its Importance to Sally's Leadership

Taking a Mantle of Leadership means that a person has been recognized as a leader; as such, Sally's reception of the mantle of Leadership was very important in her career as a leader. This is because she now had a brand name with which people could identify her. She gathered a wide readership, and this made people recognize her as a leader.

A leader's authenticity is directly proportional to the recognition of that leader by other people in authority. Therefore, a leader who receives a mantle of leadership gets a lot of credibility since people come to see that leader as a person who has been tested and passed the test of a leadership.

Lastly, not all the leaders get to a point that makes their role of embracing leadership very essential. This is because there are some leaders whose position is predetermined. For example, there are some leaders whose position is just ceremonial.

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