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Every society has certain rules and regulations it relies on during the life. Laws determine the way society should act and develop. In order for the laws to work efficiently, government is pointed out as a primary institution for keeping the life of the country and the society developing in the proper way.

One of the reasons we need government is the social inequality. People of diverse origin, with different backgrounds and variable or simply low family income require help, which can be only issued by government or government- supported organizations. This includes financial aid, job placement assistance, and counseling for various issues.

Next issue that should be maintained by the government is international cooperation. Contemporary society requires both cyber and vital communication between people, independently of their location on the globe. That means it is our governments task to keep good relations with other countries and their governments to allow people traveling, visiting relatives and friends or simply doing business abroad without any difficulties.

We need government for protection. It can be presented in a number of ways. Government is responsible for maintaining the properly armored and ready to protect army, which is done in the best way possible. Government protection may be also expressed in international business relations, when national interests are supported and our businesses are pushed to the international market and protected from the unwanted none-businesslike actions. Finally, government should protect the citizens within the boundaries of our country, fighting crime, burglary, prostitution, and other immoral acts, leading to the decay of our society.

Government is needed to provide public services and social order. Government can and should be unbiased serving its citizens, offering equally based services to all the people. Its interest should not be in gaining the profits, but satisfying the citizens. Maintaining social order can be done exclusively by the government, since the government is in charge of the laws that regulate the relations in different spheres of our life.

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