Step-by-Step Instruction on how to Answer the Questions

Questions-answers assignments can be hard to do due to their specificity. Nevertheless, one can learn to give proper responses to the posed questions. It is necessary to analyze the give query, define the most suitable methods for formulating a good answer, and fully concentrate on the issue you are dealing with. In order to learn to answer the test questions in the right way, one has to spend much time practicing. However, being aware of modern techniques, it will be much easier for you to respond to diverse queries.

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Specifics of Questions-Answers Writing

Read the prompt attentively. Before starting writing the answer to the posed question, make sure you fully understand it. Underline or mark in any other way meaningful words in the query. In this way, it will be easier for you to define the chief point.

Determine the key words. When creating tasks, professors use specific key words and word combinations so that students can comprehend what they are supposed to do. For instance, the prompts requiring students to analyze a subject will differ from those asking learners to defend their viewpoint. It is essential to define a key word in every question you need to respond to.

Consult with your professor about the confusing points. If you do not understand the meaning of some terms, ask your lecturer for explanations. It is not worth responding to the question until you are 100% sure about the notion you are asked about. Otherwise, you may respond to the prompt incorrectly.

Stop worrying! Keep in mind that you should not get nervous when taking an exam. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to concentrate and recall essential data necessary for providing a precise answer to the given query.

Below, there is a list of integral parts of an answer:


Avoid repeating the question! You are required to restate the prompt in your response. For example, if the query is "What characteristic features of the website can be pointed out?" your response should start in the following way, "The characteristic features of the website are..."


Answer each of the question parts.

(Mind that reiteration and your response may serve as a topic sentence of your piece of writing.)

You have to think about how to structure your response properly. In case the task demands you to provide the text layout in a particular order, you need to follow it in your response.


Include quotations in your answer. You may start a sentence like this, "According to..." and mention the source which you have taken the citation from. Do not forget to put the quote in the quotation marks.


This is one of the vital parts of an answer. Here, you need to explain why you have chosen a specific quote. Does it help you illustrate the main idea of your piece of writing? This section of your response should begin with such phrase as "The quote demonstrates that..." After making a statement, it is necessary to provide its clear explanation.


This section is also considered one of the most significant parts of an answer, as it restates the fundamental points of your response. It can be started in the following way: "To conclude...," "To summarize...," etc.

How to Write Reasonable Answers

Include an Educated Guess into Your Answer

If you are uncertain about the question or do not understand how to write its response, refer to an educated guess option. Additionally, you should demonstrate your writing to your professor to get a partial credit. Ensure that your paper is created accordingly.

Respond to Easy Questions

If any of the queries seem bewildering, skip them and begin responding to the easier ones. As soon as you answer all easy questions, start dealing with the complicated ones. Sometimes, you may find tips on how to respond to complex queries in the questions you have already responded to.

Give Accurate Answers

The majority of professors think that a simple question requires a simple answer. It does not mean that a simple answer or a short one is incomplete. It presupposes that a succinct response contains the amount of data that is necessary to fully disclose the posed query. Surely, you may give long answers to the queries. The main thing is that your writing should contain relevant facts only.

Once your answer to the given question is created, ensure it does not contain any grammar errors. If your response includes any flaws, you may not a high grade in your assignment. Try to build your sentences properly in the course of producing your answer, as you may not have enough time to edit it. If you need to produce your response by hand, ensure your handwriting is clear. Some lectures may put lower grades if they cannot understand students' texts.

General Tips on how to Succeed in Responding to Questions

  • Students sometimes confound short-answer questions with the essay ones. These two types of questions have much in common. Still, these are absolutely different assignments. In order to know how to write good answers to each of them, one should follow the provided tips and guidelines.
  • Have a break. Do you know that children should sleep about 10-11 hours and adolescents about 10 hours? A lack of sleep may cause serious health problems. As to education, a lack of sleep may lead to poor results in studies.
  • Have some spare time before your exam. You need to have several minutes before your test starts in order to organize your thoughts and understand how to write a response to the provided question. In this way, you will be able to remove your worries.
  • When responding to the exam questions, use different language means. Thus, you will manage to make your answer interesting.
  • If you are focused on the given prompt, you will be able to develop it appropriately. This is one of the priceless tips which you should not forget when producing your response.

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