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Academic life and job searching are among the most challenging stages of life, and it is where a human being (a student and a job seeker) spends most of their time on. More than 80% of all human life is spent on learning, and the majority of students in the world do not complete their studies. This is because of the challenges involved in writing assignments. A large number of tutors, especially professors, prefer giving students piles of assignments. To some extent, it is clear as assignments are the only way to measure the level of understanding. Essay papers are some of the most popular methods used by professors. Although such papers act like tests, they are very broad and need a lot of concentration to write. Custom essays need a good plan as it gives the writer a clear direction. To write an outstanding essay, one should understand the subject matter and main ideas. Then, the ideas should flow in the paper to enable the reader to derive a clear meaning of the whole essay.

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