Resume Example

What makes a good resume? It is worth remembering that the main resume objective is to draw your potential employer's attention to your personality and impress him and her with your abilities, and thus induce the employer to invite you to an interview.

Therefore, the main principle of a good resume is to emphasize all the positive features and make the best impression as far as it is possible.

It is thoroughly recommended to write a resume that:

1) is as a source of your biographic data and information on your professional experience;

2) would supply the employer with the additional information, which will be of great interest to him or her and will allow you to be invited to the interview;

3) would answer a question whether you conform to the requirements established by the employer for this work positively.

The resume that the employer had studied before the interview would allow learning the main things about the candidate quickly and formulating additional questions, which reduces time and increases efficiency of interview. Most often personnel questions are supervised by HR managers, secretaries, office managers, chiefs of sales departments, and even the chief accountants. Specialists in the employee selection use a subjective method of the resume selection, and also a selection method on a number of formal signs (experience and skills of work, professional qualities, education, sex, age, etc.). In the first place, a great value has a subjective perception of the manager, in the second - a professionally written resume, which is underlining the advantages and skillfully leveling shortcomings of the applicant. If the invitation to an interview did not manage to be received, so the resume for some reason did not draw attention of the employer. Thus, you should always remember that a good resume is the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression. Remember a famous quote, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression?" As a rule, no more than 2-3 minutes are spent for viewing a resume. According to the majority of employers, it is very important that the information mentioned in a resume is full and at the same time short, and the main thing is that a competitor must be able to confirm all the data during the interview.

How to Write an Resume?

In order to build resume, it is necessary to follow selectivity few simple rules. The information that you are going to mention in your resume should be carefully selected, proceeding from its purposes to the description of the aspects of your experience that are relevant and significant for a position for which you apply.

Resumes are subdivided into professional (universal), chronological, functional, chronological and functional, target and academic. Each of these resume types have their own specifics.

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