What is Plagiarism

It is very important for a student to understand the question, what is plagiarism? Plagiarism is defined at UNC as the reckless or deliberate use of words, ideas or thoughts of other people as one's own in academic submissions. This is considered to be a form of cheating and the Office of Dean of Students can give punishment to the offending student. Punishment may be in the form of course failure or suspension from a college.

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Why are college instructors concerned with plagiarism?

To answer this question, it is important to understand the entire process of creating ideas and sharing information in a university setting. Every new idea is based on what was discovered before it. The entire process of studying and reading in college draws ideas and information from what other people have already done previously. We create our unique ideas using what is already available. Your instructors will be interested in finding out a distinction between your own ideas and those you are using as a building block. The term paper allows an instructor to make the distinction by making citations from your source of ideas. The citations are also important in helping those readers who develop interest in your work to find materials for further reading.

Students will write very many assignments during their time in college. Instructors will ask you to read certain materials and write an essay. This will form the basis and building blocks of your work. After reading the material, you can then analyze one or more facets of what you have read. This is the new structure you will develop. There are three things that your tutors ask you to consider when writing a term paper on a given subject. These are:

  • Demonstration of your understanding of what you have read.
  • Find references to support the ideas you have developed.
  • Make a distinction between your own analysis and that of the original author.

When using citations, you are making use of the original author's ideas as evidence of the new ideas you are informing the reader about.

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