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The value of a well-written and original white paper is incalculable. Any firm in B2B sphere can gain considerable benefits from a successful white paper. For instance, some companies use white papers to cooperate with their customers, create an image of a thought leader in their industry, or simply extend their list of e-mail subscribers. For this reason, high-quality white paper writing services are currently in great demand.

Additional benefits of an original white paper include direct monetization, because companies can sell worthy information on their websites. Besides, they can be used for content marketing purposes to increase the exposure of the business. Whatever the application of a white paper is, Exclusive-Paper.net is ready to offer a white paper writing service to meet your individual demands.

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White Paper Definition

White paper is a common marketing tool that has been used by B2B organizations for years. Initially, this type of documents was written to brief a board of executives on a business problem. Apart from performing a similar function in the contemporary business world, white papers are also used to recommend a solution to some problem, be it a product, service, or approach.

Additionally, a white paper is an authoritative document explaining why a particular vendor offers the best solution for some problem.

An example of a white paper topic would be "Why do Spammers Send Spam?" Such a paper would not directly state that a certain company offers a solution to the spam issue, however, it could be a real marketing treasure. Despite some similarity, white papers are not to be mistaken for sales pitch. White papers describe case studies and real data to evaluate the effectiveness of some product or service.

What is the most appropriate white paper format? Nowadays, most white paper writing companies offer PDF documents. This sometimes leads to confusion because they might be mistaken for e-books due to its considerable length. However, white papers are more concise and they rarely cover more than one topic.

What Do You Receive with White Paper Writing Services

If you buy a white paper from Exclusive-Paper.net, you receive a polished product that contains a specific, detailed, and insightful description of a topic. You can also be sure that the document will be well designed and professionally written. In addition, the paper will be created specifically for your intended audience. Particularly, the paper will inform the reader about the issue of your choice without being obviously salesy or boring. This is what you get in every paper bought from Exclusive-Paper.net

We hire professionals with outstanding writing skills, so they can undertake extensive research to create a paper of the highest quality.

Keep in mind that we encourage our customers to share as many details about the paper they wish to receive as possible. Sufficient data and background details will enable us to meet all your expectations.

Using services of Exclusive-Paper.net, you can be absolutely sure that the information you share with our writers will never be disclosed or re-used.

To ensure total confidentiality, we are bound by non-disclosure agreement, which means that your information remains secure even if you decide not to continue our cooperation. In short, all forms of digital content created by and for our clients always remain protected.

What else makes Exclusive-Paper.net different form other companies offering white paper writing services? We have an elaborate editorial process to ensure the exquisite quality of our papers. Once a papers is written by a writer, it is then checked by a professional editor who will notice any typos or/and grammatical mistakes, as well as check the paper against the customer's requirements. Apart from that, our editors also check the accuracy of citations and make sure that the writer has used ample evidence to support the paper.

However, this is not the final stage! After the content is checked by our editors, the paper is forwarded to our design team experts. They will transform the text into an elegant and professional digital file. Finally, the white paper will be sent to you as a PDF file (you can choose another format if you like). You will be able to see that you receive exactly the content you requested.

Discover the Benefits of White Paper Writing

Even though white papers do not bring your company direct revenue, they helps ensure positive brand perception. With the help of white papers, you can:

  • Position yourself as an expert in the field. Professionally written white papers invoke authority, thus demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, encouraging customers to use your services.
  • Raise brand awareness. Original content on your website can increase its ranking on Google search, driving more and more traffic to your site.
  • Win the leading position. Good white papers clearly indicate your business's superiority on the market, thus encouraging clients to give preference to your company.
  • Improve the promotion of your services and products. This is an additional opportunity for your business to show what it has to offer.

Type of assignment: White Paper

Paper title: Starbucks Segmentation

Academic level: University

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Why Exclusive-Paper.net?

  • Professional writers. We hire experienced writers with relevant education. Our writers are graduates from the leading universities globally, so they are the best experts you can possibly find online.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. Our writers are familiar with numerous styles so they can easily adapt to your brand's image.
  • Flexible prices. We have a number of cost-effective price packages to suit any budget.
  • We always meet deadlines. You can be sure that your product will be delivered on time.
  • We optimize our texts for search engines. This means that we can create content according to the required keyword density to help you improve your SEO. Our experts also conduct key words analysis to ensure that we have used relevant key words to attract more visitors to your website.

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