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Now the time has come for you to write a speech. It is a challenging task. No, seriously, if you get to think about it, even very well known speakers have their speeches written by professionals. Those are quite different skills - writing speeches and actually speaking. A successful speech writer may be unable to utter a word when speaking in front of a large audience. A good speaker, however, may not be able to write a single phrase of his speech. And this is quite normal. Those are two different skills and people should be taught to write speeches and to speak separately. Besides, it would be better if some part of people would be taught to speak, while the other one would be taught to write speeches. However, the curriculum of your educational establishment doesn't care about such trifles. And as a result you have got to write a speech before the deadline. And it has got to be an informative speech. And you can read the manuals over and over; they will not give you the clear understanding of how to write an informative speech. Or, to be more precise, yes, they will give you a theoretical understanding, but it is just like theoretical understanding of how to drive a car. Theory is good but you cannot do without practice. And the skill is being worked out only by means of long hard trainings. Those trainings require time. But is it worthwhile spending that much time on obtaining the skill you will never require in your life, learning how to write a speech? The answer is obvious.

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What is not quite obvious, however, is how to avoid this procedure. The speech is required by your professor, and unless somebody agrees to give you a helping hand, you will have to write it on your own.

Well, you could do that. But, even though you really feel sorry for the time you waste on obtaining a useless skill, on top of that you will very likely obtain a low grade. You are not professional at writing speeches. And therefore your speech might turn out to be, to say the least, not the best one.

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