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The Effects of Drunk Driving Informative Speech Outline

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Drunk Driving or the Fastest Way to Die

Today I will be speaking about the effects of drunk driving on the body of a person and organizations who oppose such inappropriate behavior.

I decided that the most suitable method of organizing my speech is in the order of importance.

The audience will most likely agree with me that the drunk driving is the extremely negative phenomenon in the modern society and should be dealt with severely.

Alcohol perniciously affects the human body in any amounts and should be totally prohibited for driver’s consumption.


The drunk driving is wide spread in the modern society. It is extremely necessary to realize that the affect of the alcohol on an organism is so strong that it can even be the cause of death of the driver or other people. Having conducted the broad analysis of the scientific literature and acquainted with the numerous investigation results, I can confidently say that the alcohol perniciously affects the human body regardless of the amounts consumed and should be totally prohibited for drivers’ consumption. In my speech I will try to convince the audience that drunk driving is the extremely negative phenomenon and should be completely banned. First I will discuss the causes why the alcohol has the dangerous affects on a driver. Then, I will move on to the additional points concerning the harmfulness of drinking and driving. After that, I will conclude with the importance of activities of independent organizations.

  1. First main point is that the alcohol effects the driver’s body as the nervously paralytic poison and leads to the loss of coordination.
  • According to the last researches of American scientists, the driver with the alcohol in the blood cannot react properly to changing traffic situations, which leads to the inability to avoid the traffic accident (Stacy, Bentler & Flay, 2011).
  • Additionally, the perception of road conditions by drivers declines significantly. Thus, a person cannot control his or her actions and is unable to comply with traffic regulations (Arnett, 2010).
  1. Second main point is that the alcohol has a narcotic effect on the driver and impacts his/her nervous system, which can cause the loss of vehicle control.
  • The ability of a drunk driver to navigate the environment is significantly reduced, consequently, such person cannot choose the right direction and can go to the opposite traffic lane (Deyoung, 2006).
  • The driver’s focus is concentrated on a single object that can cause the lack of ability to see all road signs and follow them (Eisenberg, 2008).
  1. Third main point is that despite the presence of the appropriate legislation and effective system of law enforcement bodies, the vigorous activity of organizations against drunk driving is very welcomed.
  • In the USA there are numbers of organizations against the drunk driving, such as the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Century Council Bikers, Against Drunk Drivers, etc (Ross & Gonzales, 2009).
  • Results of activities of above mentioned entities significantly affect on the number of cases of drink-driving. Thus, people realize the danger of alcohol for the drivers and try to prevent such actions (Stacy, Newcomb & Bentler, 2010).


Based on all the information previously mentioned, I should assure that the alcohol is extremely dangerous for drivers and its use can lead to disastrous consequences for the surrounding people. Occasionally, for those who are at the wheel the alcohol should be completely banned. In conclusion advice to realize that the pleasure of drinking is not worth the risk that you expose yourself to.

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