While our customer service department is always available to answer our customers’ questions, we list some of the most frequently asked questions here for your convenience. Should you have additional matters to clarify customer service representatives will be happy to assist.

  • English is my second language and I am afraid that a perfectly written paper can cause suspicion. Should I be worried?

    Not at all. We have a simple English option that enables international students to get a great text written in simple sentences and words. Thus, you should not worry about your paper and go ahead with placing an order.

  • My professor has recently penalized a student who provided a plagiarized paper. I fear the same. Do you have any guarantees that I will not be caught using your service?

    Such situations do not happen with students who order essays and other papers at our service because we always check papers for plagiarism and never share information about customers with third parties. As such, there is no way to prove that you have used professional help to complete your task.

  • My writer has helped me a lot. How can I leave feedback or distinguish her?

    We are happy when customers are satisfied with provided papers and enable them to leave feedback using a personal account. Moreover, you can tip your writer and say thank you in a message.

  • If all your writers are great and skilled, why do you have a list of top experts?

    We have a list of top 10 writers to demonstrate the highest levels of dedication that corresponds to the best academic results. There is always someone better than others and such a list enables customers who want special attention to their orders choose a perfect writer with the best reviews and amazing experience.

  • Why do you so often have few features added?

    Our company constantly analyzes students’ needs and the changing academic environment. When we see gaps in provided services, we add new features to offer more comprehensive support such as visual elements (charts, graphs, and tables) and other features.

  • I accidentally put the wrong deadline. I need my work to be done earlier. Can you help me with it?

    Yes, we can. As long as you are ready to compensate for the difference it is possible to shift a deadline. However, it may be difficult for a writer if only several hours are left before your new deadline. Notably, the price will be calculated in accordance with the urgency. If you initially paid a typical price for a week-long investigation, but now it should be carried out in 2 days, then you will have to cover the price of 5 days in between. In any case, we will try to find the best deal for you.

  • Can your writing expert finish my incomplete essay?

    Yes, there is no problem in taking such half-written assignments. The assigned expert will read your essay from A to Z, and then continue working it, providing consistent structure, formatting, and style and exploring main ideas further. To find out more about it, please contact our Customer Care representatives.

  • I have just received a notification regarding a refund. How long does it take to get my money back?

    The process is not long. Only rare technical issues would case significant delays in refunds’ processing. In most circumstances, clients get compensation in a week. The shortest refund takes 3 days.

  • My payment failed, and I cannot figure out why. Any ideas?

    The payment issue can have several reasons. Please try several browsers to check whether the same problem occurs. Sometimes, your device needs to be reloaded to continue working normally. You can also check the Settings in the app of your bank card. There might be some common restrictions. If nothing helps, contact our agents.

  • Do you always edit written projects?

    Yes, every writer double-checks and edit their texts before sending them. The majority of projects are also checked by an editor. However, if you need to carry out intense editing or proofreading of the written text, you can make use of the VIP Editing option. Simply choose "Get order proofread by editor", and add it to the overall price of your order.

  • I have personal reasons why my phone number should not be used. Do you process orders without a phone number?

    Yes, it is not a problem. We value your privacy. Usually, our cooperation is more fruitful if we can contact customer anytime for clarifications regarding an order or other matters.

  • If I choose the service of the Preferred Writer, will I be charged more than usual?

    Yes. By selecting the Preferred Writer option, you choose the best level of writing for you. It also means that your cooperation with the personalized expert will be even more effective. The writing connoisseur, who will be mainly focused on your orders, needs to be rewarded better. From our end, we promise that your writer will be one of our advanced experts with impeccable reputation. Although you need to pay more, the difference between “ordinary” writers and preferred ones is only 15%.

  • I have paid for the order, but my transaction failed. Can you assist me?

    Our Financial department can only elucidate payment problems on our side. If the issue occurred on part of your bank, then you should send inquiries right there. You can send us the screenshot of the payment or invoice if your money was withdrawn from the card, but our system did not accept the payment. Try using an alternative payment method or the most reliable browser.

  • Can I receive notifications about my order status?

    Yes, you can receive messages regarding the changed statues of your order on your phone. It helps you control the writing power and know if your paper is on schedule. You can a great service of updates via SMS notification and always be informed.

  • I reviewed the final version of my ordered, and I found certain drawbacks. Can I request it to be revised?

    Of course, every client is allowed to request a revision within free of charge 48 hours. Only in specific cases with large works as theses you can request a revision in a month. Your revision request should be sent directly to the expert responsible for your work. For this, open “My orders” – “Completed orders”, where you will see the last orders, which were uploaded into the system after the deadline. Afterwards, click on “Revision”. Note, this request cannot be empty. It also needs thorough instructions and the precise deadline.

  • Can my writer produce a draft of the project he/she is working on?

    Yes, it is possible to request a draft of your work after your assigned expert completed 50% of the research paper. Yet, usually, the draft consists of 1 page. We create an extensive draft upon special request. We also have a progressive delivery service. This option is payable.

  • I have just been informed that my research paper should contain more pages. Should I place a different order?

    Yes, it will be more convenient to create a new order rather than to ask us to edit your initial details. Kindly proceed to “My orders” and fill in another form as an additional order.

  • Can my order be resubmitted in case I provided incorrect information related to my project type, deadline, academic level, or a number of words?

    Yes, however, to avoid misconduct of constant resubmissions, we restricted the editing access in such a case. The details about your order can be edited, but only by the responsible person on our side. Simply write to us about the required changes. Of course, if there is a significant discrepancy from your initial instructions, we will recalculate the price for your order.

  • My attempts to submit attachments in the order form continuously fail, along with the page updates. What is the problem?

    Due to size restrictions automatically set on our website, the attachment of a large file may cause such an error. In any case, this problem is easily solved: send your files via our official email. It is advisable to inform our agents about the issue beforehand and they can help get the files to a writer.

  • What happens if my paper is late?

    Trust us when we assure you that your paper will never be late if Exclusive-Paper.net writers work on it. However, to instill confidence in our customers, we do offer a money-back guarantee. We assure you that papers written by Exclusive-Paper.net writers will be delivered on time.

  • Is Exclusive-Paper.net a real service?

    Yes, it is. We are a legitimate writing service that has helped students for many years.

  • What do I have to do to get a paper from Exclusive-Paper.net?

    Just place an order, providing all requirements and instructions. It only takes a few minutes. As soon as we receive payment, an expert will begin writing your essay.

  • When do you give assignments to your writers?

    As soon as we receive payment, our writers start research and gather pertinent information that will be included in the essay. When that task is accomplished, the writers create academic written masterpiece for every student based on the obtained information and course materials.

  • When my essay has been completed, how do I get it?

    At the customer's request, we can email the completed essay, or he/she may download it from the student area of our website. While we do not resell any paper, we do keep one copy in the student's account so you can access it at any time.

  • Do you keep our transactions confidential?

    Customer privacy is a huge deal at Exclusive-Paper.net. We kepp all customer details private and completely confidential. We never share any of your sensitive data with anyone. We show our customers respect.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    At this time we accept PayPal and all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express among others.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    By all means! We offer some of the best discounts in the online writing industry. The good news is that the more pages our customers order, the better their discount becomes! That is right. We increase the discount percentage according to the number of pages that our customers order. This is the least we can do to say “Thanks for being our customer!”

  • Are your papers always of high quality?

    At Exclusive-Paper.net, we never compromise on quality. Our well-educated, experienced writers know how to deliver top-notch work time and again. We never let our customers down. Most students get A+ grades on our papers when they hand them in. Professors tend to love our work.

  • What about plagiarism?

    Exclusive-Paper.net does not provide copy-pasted content. We have a strict anti-plagiarism policy. We use advanced software to make sure each and every paper is original. Additionally, cusotmer can order a plagiarism report in PDF.

  • What formatting styles do writers use?

    Our specially trained writers can write custom papers in standardized writing and formatting styles that are accepted in colleges and universities across the world. They include APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, and others.

  • How long do you keep papers after you write them?

    After we complete a paper, it becomes the sole property of the customer who orders it. After that, it is only avaialbe on customer’s account for as long as needed. We never resell the papers that are written at Exclusive-Paper.net.

  • Can I speak with my writer directly?

    Yes, by using a messaging system. We are one of those online writing services that allow customers to speak directly with their writers.

  • When will my paper be completed?

    We begin the process of fulfilling your order as soon as we have received payment. It does not take our writers much time to fully satisfy the requirements for each paper and the assingment is ready accoridng to the set deadline.

  • What if I do not like my work?

    If you do not like the writing that we have done for you, becuase it does cover instucrtion points we will make every effort to rectify the situation by offering you a free revision within 48 hours after the deadline.

  • What services does Exclusive-Paper.net provide?

    We offer premium research and writing services for any academic assignments. We are a versatile writing service that can help with custom dissertation papers, research of all kinds, theses, psychological case studies, term papers, history papers, custom essays on any topic, bibliographies, creative writing projects, reviews, book reports and more. We also offer proofreading and editing services.

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