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Community Entrepreneur Interview

The Main Purpose of Enterpreneur Interview

The general purpose of this paper is to summarize and analyze the interview with Jackie Moore Bowles. The main goal of the interview is to provide useful information and advices from a professional to students who are willing to become entrepreneurs.

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Community Entrepreneur Interview Essay Example

The person interviewed is Jackie Moore Bowles. She is an Africa-American president and chief executive of Creative Marketing Resources. The company was founded in 1995 (CMR, n.d.). The advertising agency specializes mostly on ethnic and urban marketing. It has a successful history for its 12-year activity, and now has yearly sales of $1.5 million (CMR, 2007). Creative Marketing Resources has many clients; among them you can find McDonalds, Coca-Cola, General Electric, and other famous companies (CMR, n.d.).

I have learned many interesting things from the interview. I found out about a minority person who reached success because the activity of her company focuses on minorities. Such an approach turned to be successful because it broke traditional understanding of advertising and its audience, as well as used creativity (CMR, n.d.).

As a startup, Creative Marketing Resources has several important competitive advantages. Jackie Moore Bowles named focus on minorities, creativity, and urban marketing, the most important ones. Focus on minorities in marketing is important because other marketing companies do not have it. Therefore, CMR has a competitive advantage because it is able to find loyal audience among minorities, and other companies lose this chance. The company pays attention on creativity. Its advertising campaigns do not look like many popular ones (CMR, n.d.). As a result, advertising attracts many people, and this is very important for any advertising agency’s success. Finally, CMR focuses on urban marketing. Urban marketing is vitally important in modern highly urbanized society because it has special tastes, values, and needs. Therefore, CMR wins over other advertising agencies that do not focus on urban marketing.

Jackie Moore Bowles mentioned that others could copy her startup because there is nothing difficult and there is no secret in it. It is not hard to focus on minorities and urban society, as well as be creative. However, most competitors cannot follow CMR’s success for different reasons. Jackie Moore Bowles also told about the risks of her startup. The most important risk she was afraid of is that minorities and urban society who were the target audience did not understand the messages made by CMR’s advertising campaigns. However, the company overcame that risk. Jackie Moore Bowles does not think about a particular market share for her agency. She does not consider it vitally important. She thinks that the most important thing is to have loyal customers and be useful to them. Jackie Moore Bowles said that people bought her services because they were unique, while other marketing agencies did not focus on minorities and urban society. People buy services that are aimed on their social groups.


In conclusion, the interview with Jackie Moore Bowles was very interesting and useful for me. I communicated with the interesting person who owns and manages a unique firm that aims its services on minorities and urban society. Jackie Moore Bowles also told about the things that helped to make her agency successful. Other business people can use her advices, and not only in marketing sphere, because minorities need different goods and services. I think the interview will be also useful for the students who want to become entrepreneurs, because it provides many practical advices.

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